Easy Like Sunday Morning

April 30, 2017

Pam x Carhartt WIP Radio Club Logo T-shirt, Zero UV Oval 90's Style Sunglasses, Khaki H&M Utility Jacket, Navy Blue Satin Finish Ganni Straight Skirt, & Other Stories Delicate Gold Rings, & Other Stories Gold Hoop Earrings, Black Vans Old Skool Sneakers, Black Topshop Metal D-Ring Handle Shopper Bag

Happy Sunday everyone! A little wishful thinking drove me to create a collage of things that I somewhat need in my wardrobe now. I've definitely missed cooking these wishlists up. Here we have a cool spring look perfect for someone who is always on the go.

LOGO TEE – A true wardrobe staple with an extra small touch for character. 
OVAL SUNGLASSES – The 90's style sunnies that pack a mighty punch.
UTILITY JACKET – The item that has a purpose all year round, versatility is its middle name.
MAXI SKIRT – Perfect paired with a pair of sneakers for a casual affair. 
GOLD HOOP EARRINGS – What's not to love about simple fine gold hoops??
DAINTY RINGS – The more the better.
VANS OLD SKOOL SNEAKERS – They pretty much go with everything no?
METAL HANDLE SHOPPER BAG – Love the subtle statement from the metal detailing.

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