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March 28, 2017

Whether it be a bedroom, living room or home office,  I'm sure that we all long for the feeling of being situated in a calm and inviting space.  I personally clung onto this feeling a little too long whilst my bedroom was strictly black and white with very little to feel accustomed to. Seeing that I still live at home with my parents, my bedroom is pretty much all I can call my own for now and so I finally decided to act on my thoughts of redecorating which had been brewing forever. 

First was to pick a new wall colour, and a deep-tone green was what I was after. Who would have known that trying to settle on one shade of green could actually kill a few brain cells in the process?! Almost became one of the hardest I've had to make in my life kid you not.
Wall colour aside, there was one element that would really add a character and life to the room space, and that was wall art. Creating a gallery wall was a must when Scandinavian brand Desenio offered to send a few of their posters my way. Opting for a gallery wall is always a bold move but well worth it in the end, as it adds a great ambience to one's space. It may be something you'd like to try if you're looking to refresh your walls. 

Desenio make it pretty easy to achieve as I was delighted to see a great variety in what they had to offer, and most importantly the pricing is perfectly affordable for those on a budget. I'm all for mixing metals so I made sure to pick out black, gold and silver frames for the posters, as I knew that they would really compliment the dark green walls. I opted for posters that were a combination of striking yet subtle in a way to keep things fresh. In addition to the pages of unique prints and frames, Desenio have an inspiration section with ideas on how to decorate specific rooms, suggestions of posters that compliment each other, and advice on creating the best gallery wall in any space (layout ideas included)–a real haven for endless inspiration. 

If you're interested, you can grab yourself 25% off of Desenio's posters for a limited period between 28th-30th March with the discount code remi25. Please note that this discount cannot be applied to the handpicked category, clips, poster-hangers or frames. 

Prints featured c/o Desenio:

*Wall colour: DIY mix of Craig & Rose's Winchester Green + standard black interior paint.

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