Easier Said Than Done

February 05, 2017

Still trying to ease into the new year and we've already struck February. How exactly? Time really waits for no-one, and I'm already a few steps behind! For the month of January, I was burdened with the inability to put my words into great practice–the good old 'easier said than done' hit me like a tonne of bricks. Had me at a point of thinking whether my goals were even attainable? But as we all know, nothing is impossible if you really put your mind to achieving what you've set out for yourself. That being said, I have concluded that this month will now be referred to as 'fix it February'. 

Onto the look? I'm always looking into different ways to style trainers without the involvement of denim jeans, as the combination gets a little tedious after while. When it's slightly too cold to slip on midi skirt, a pair of trousers with edgy detailing at the hem will suffice. Love pairing them with this particular black pair with the split hem. Although black boots may seem to be the only thing that my feet are usually in right now, I do have a soft spot for brightly coloured trainers, just another way to stand out a little, especially in this dreary weather. Probably not the best pair to wear during Winter, but these Nike Air Max 90s are a new favourite.

ASOS Jacket, MANGO Jumper, H&M Trousers, MISSGUIDED Bag, NIKE Trainers via SIZE?

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  1. Jacket is amazing. Obsessed with your style and your blog!



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