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October 17, 2016

When one appreciates both minimalism and maximalism in regards to style choice, you can usually catch me trying to make the odd statement piece blend in seamlessly into my more so minimal everyday looks. For now, I have reached a point where I want my key items to give me more, you know? Everyday style staples that double up as statement pieces–I'm here for it. If you're big on the importance of filling your wardrobe space with the essentials, but yearn for a something extra in these garments - like me for one, look no further than this post...

The essential basic style staple is all good and well until your usually giddy pulse pretty much flatlines until further notice. It's always good to find ways in which your favourite classic styles can be reinvented so that you don't lose interest in them. Finding options for a smooth upgrade in my favourite go-to key items is necessary, especially in the wake of a new season. Thankfully the high street is filled to the brim with quality high-end like statement styles that can easily be implemented into everyday wear with their undeniable versatility. Saying that, I would never turn a blind eye to luxury brands that provide the same feel, as they're usually the inspiration behind my high-street finds...

Although a far cry from loud prints and busy embellishments, I'm painting the town red in my current favourite statement style staples for the Autumn season – all purchased through one of my go to interactive shopping destinations on the net - www.lyst.co.uk. A website that I'm sure you've stumbled upon once or twice (maybe three times) whilst shopping online. Lyst take pride in partnering with the world’s greatest designers and stores in order to give the everyday consumer the world of fashion in one place. I took some time out to hunt out a few items I had been eyeing down for a while and here is the result! For more on how Lyst works, see my previous post here.

Who said that you can't rotate more eye-catching pieces routinely for everyday use? It all boils down to the choice of colour, material and silhouettes of said items. They don't necessarily have to scream at others from afar (please do excuse the fact that I'm sporting a jumper that can be spotted from the other side of the world for now), as it's pretty much all in the detail my friend. Think layered material such as ruffles, or oversized shapes, exaggerated sleeves, quirky hemlines, and striking textures such as velvet.

Bold Oversized Jumpers
All knitwear enthusiasts will be able to comprehend the excitement that comes with the action of splashing out on jumpers every year. I tend to gravitate towards those with a light 'n' loose oversized silhouette for extra comfort, which means more room for layering over anything from boyfriend shirts to dresses
Head over heels for this Red Knitted Turtle Jumper from H&M in a sturdy viscose material. A far cry from the unbearably itchy knit we commonly come across these days. 

Black Trousers with Dreamy Hemlines
Smart black trousers have played a big part in my life since the early days of primary school, and surprisingly, it's been hard to shake them off after not needing to routinely wear compulsory school uniform. Thanks to Zara who always pull through with the quirky reinventions of the black trouser, however, with my latest find–these Frilled Hem Trousers from Zara are a superb alternative to the glorious and notably flamboyant Ellery trouser for a small fraction of the price.

Metal Handle Bags
Anyone who knows me well can tell you that I have a large soft spot for small bags–simply can't get enough of them. It looks like the fashion world is smitten for a top handle bag with a slick metal handle finish, and so am I! The cool use of carefully shaped metals on bags is a statement in its own right. This beauty from Forever 21 is a new release and has unfortunately already sold out!

So, those are just a few statement styles I will rotate thoroughly with other pieces within my wardrobe this season! Do look out for my future finds in the coming months...

H&M Jumper & Earrings, ZARA Trousers, FOREVER 21 Bag, NIKE Trainers, ADORE Necklace

Post created in collaboration with Lyst. All opinions/views and styling are my own.

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  1. OMG these Zara trousers are a DREAM! xx


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