In With The Old

August 17, 2016

Radio silence once again and I apologise! That thing called life really got in the way of me really showing some love to the old blog. I would love to say I've just been enjoying life and somehow forgot that I own a blog, but reality is, I've been a little down in the dumps so to say, and wasn't motivated enough to create anything to share. Now things are finally looking up, I'm raring to go!
With a huge backlog of images and things to share, I guess I should get cracking on the posts! I'll be heading to Paris next week for a few days, so hopefully all that I have planned will go to plan whilst I'm over thereand I get to push out content that I'll be super proud of *smiley face*.

Sometimes I wonder why I shop so much when there are plenty of cool pieces trapped in my wardrobe, having probably seen the day of light once in the many years that I've owned them! Take this sparkly knit top and these blue scuba trousers for example, both interesting in their own way and even better combined. Time to start clearing the cobwebs off a few pieces of clothing, and actually start wearing them I say...

H&M Top, ASOS Trousers (similar) & Trainers, TOPSHOP Bag

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