July 04, 2016

These days I find my eyes wandering in search for striking and unique clothingstatement pieces that I can incorporate into my daily looks. When Dezzal kindly reached out to me, I was pleasantly surprised when I had a look at what they had to offer to the world of fashion and its consumers, I'm pretty picky when it comes to what I put on to wear and quite hard to impress (eek), but Dezzal broke through. As an online fashion retailer amongst many on the web, Dezzal definitely dazzles with their premium quality wear, carefully curated by their skilful in-house fashion designers, with the addition of thoughtfully selected collections that they house from other fresh cutting-edge fashion brands which are moderately priced.

Impressed is an understatement when it comes to describing my thoughts towards the quality of the two items that I picked out, and I can only positively assume that the same can be said for the majority of their other products! First up, this DDER striped fringe blouse, which had to be mine. From the fine ribbed and ruched material to the fringed hem detailing, vivid colour and block stripes, there's a lot going on, but somehow each element works well to complement each other - reason being why I was so drawn to it in the first place. Secondly, I braved a pair culottes that were slightly a little different to the styles I have previously garnered - sporting a wider and longer fit from what I'm usually accustomed to. In an alluring forest green, these NEXIIA wide leg chiffon culottes are a fine addition to my Summer (if we ever have one) wardrobe. In regards to sizing, I had no issue at all as both items were pretty much true to size. Both styles have since sold out unfortunately but are still available in other colours.

For those seeking creative designs and pieces that are hard to come by, Dezzal is a fashion destination worth stopping by and browsing through. Rather than following trends, it looks as though this online retailer is on a mission to stand out and set their own trends. Stay tuned for my second look! 

                                                                 This post is sponsored by Dezzal.

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  1. Loving this look! Never heard of Dezzal, but I will definitely keep them in mind for future purchases. Just looking thru their selection is dreamy; I'm loving the unique cuts and shapes! Thanks for sharing 😌

  2. Totally in love this look. Pretty amazing write up as well

  3. Hello Remi! The red looks good on you!


  4. Beautiful look !!!

  5. great choice of top, I'm also a picky when it comes to shopping in online store, if the size is right if it looks good on me, shopping online and visiting boutique is a huge deference. I'm not a fan of red but that top is so chic and boho, you look so fab ^^

  6. Totally in love with this look! I'm going to need to check out Dezzal pronto.
    Lauren Nicole,


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