A Sense of Mystery

March 28, 2016

In this day and age, social media has definitely become a focal point in a lot of people's lives, and it's getting to the point where I just see too much. You know, more than one really needs to know. I can't help but feel people invest too much time exposing too much of themselves and their personal lives online. Don't get me wrong, I do love to watch a good old vlog (usually along the lines of travel), a funny Snapchat story, or read a deep meaningful blog post, but it all ends there really.

Being someone who blogs, having a presence on social media platforms plays a big part in helping me get my content out there for people to see, and if they like, hopefully stick around for more. They are also great for connecting and communicating with like-minded people, and getting my daily dose of laughing fits in, and that's about it! However, whilst always being quite selective with what I do tend to share socially whether it be on Twitter or Instagram, these days I can't help but sometimes feel the pressure to share more than I would normally want to! It almost feels like it is mandatory to share more as a blogger so that followers/readers stay interested, but I refuse to fall into that trap! Saying that, I don't think I ever will share more than I need to, as I quite like the sense of mystery behind doing so. For me it's intriguing. What are your thoughts on the way and how much information is shared on social media these days?

There really is no harm in keeping a majority of your life private, even if you have a big online presence. There are many ways to come across as relatable to an audience without sharing everything. Leave a little to the imagination, as a little mystery never hurt nobody ... 

Also, how ace is this Bogjiko leather biker jacket? In love with its worn and rusty look.

Leather Biker Jacket - BOGIJKO, Jumper - H&M STUDIO, Jeans - MARKS & SPENCER, Boots - ASOS

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  1. Love this jacket!

    Staying on topic, I believe in the Kerry Washington theory, where I give my followers one part of my life (fashion, beauty, etc), but my personal life, belongs to me. There is always a healthy balance with relating while still keeping thing private in my opinion.


    1. Thank you! Oh yes I totally agree, this theory is spot on.

  2. I totally agree. Sometimes you have to keep some stuff private

  3. The private/ public barrier is definitely not as strong as it used to be! I definitely agree that you can be interesting and relevant without giving everything. Like you said a little bit of mystery can go a long way too, everyone has a different style of doing things, both ways work I gues. Love the different tones of this jacket!


  4. I agree with the Kerry Washington theory! Although being a parenting blogger you share a little more than most, I try and keep my sons full image off the internet even though I've been asked for that little bit more like others! The jacket is cute X

  5. So, I wonder why there is such a large need to share your private life publicly. Do you think it is due to the rise in reality TV shows?
    I am definitely a private person. I have a fashion company and I will share that with my customers and clients, but I also choose not to share my personal life in the mere fact that people will draw their own assumptions regardless of the truth.

    Your style and blog is on point! Love reading through it. It has been this weeks spotlight for me. Would love to guest blog in the future. My website is in the midst of being updated, yet I will keep you posted once it is love and running. You can still enter your email into my landing page for a chance to win a LE C+I Necklace upon the launch of my site.



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