Loose Threads

February 12, 2016

As the years have passed, I still find myself glued to the comfort of throwing on pieces that embody a loose-fitted silhouette. That is unless we're talking skinny jeans...  I'll happily surrender. All in all, I'm so here for the slouchy, oversized, and flowing fits. Materials that move with me (and unfortunately against me when the wind is involved) rather than cling. The benefit of owning a bomber jacket that doubles as a make-shift duvet is truly second to none. My main squeeze every Winter for sure. Having gained more interest in wide leg trousers despite their pervading man-repellent aura, the wardrobe still wants more!

Bomber Jacket (similar)- H&M, Top - c/o MISS GUIDED, Trousers (similar) - URBAN OUTFITTERS, Boots & Bag - TOPSHOP

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  1. So stunning. Gorgeous photos as always x

  2. Love the shoes !


  3. I'm all about slouchy and oversized fits too! Super comfy and easy to wear.
    Love the outfit hun, those pinstripe pants! *lovestruck*


  4. I just love your outfit!! Each piece of it :)


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