February 15, 2016

Marks and Spencer have gone all out to create the ultimate denim style guide video and denim FAQ section, to help women tackle the frustrations that come with the task of finding the perfect fitting  pair of denim jeans. Me and a few other bloggers helped M&S in the process of finding the main problems women encounter when finding the right pair of denim jeans, with contribution from you guys! M&S want their customers to be as confident as they can, by knowing which denim style is right for them. 

The denim challenges that I typically face - As I am quite short, my most common issue is finding jeans that fit my leg length perfectly. This usually results in me getting them altered, or having to roll them up at the hem. Another being finding a pair that fits my waist perfectly, and can simultaneously accommodate for my thighs, without being too loose or too tight. 

With what forever seems to be an ongoing bout of trial and error when on the hunt for the perfect fitting and aesthetically pleasing jean, I have since developed a mental memo of a few must haves that help me tackle the slight obstacles mentioned when jean shopping ... Leg length variation, belt hoops, mid - high waist, and stretchy material (partly made with Elastane or Lycra).

The 5 Pocket Super Skinny Jeggings

For years I have attached myself to the skinny jean style like a rash, as I feel that I can get a lot of wear out of them in particular, and they make me feel and look great! The skinny denim jean once an occasional trend, has now become an item that has pretty much cemented itself as an essential in the everyday wardrobe.

M&S let me pick out a jean style I would typically gravitate towards, that being a pair of skinnies, so I went for the 5 Pocket Super Skinny Jeggings - a style that seems very popular amongst their customers, with the hundreds of positive and helpful online reviews that I came across. 

                                   Jeggings - MARKS & SPENCERJumper - OLD HARRY, Shirt - WEEKDAY

Taking on the role as a 2-in-1, the jegging style effortlessly combines the figure hugging shape of a pair of skinny denim jeans, and the much needed comfort and stretchiness of leggings. These 5 Pocket Super Skinny Jeggings ticked all the essential boxes. I was able to pick a leg length suited to my height, they include belt hoops, they are high waisted, and have a great stretch on them due to the elastane (which can help tackle the problem of jeans losing their original shape, when washed right). A bonus was of course the 5-pocket detail, as I've personally found that it's quite rare for jeggings to include this in particular. I usually prefer a high waist when it comes to picking skinny denim jeans, as they tend to fit my waist better and help to elongate my legs.

Two Ways to Style

Here are two ways I tend to style this type of jean, ranging from a laid back get up, to run errands and casually socialise, or better yet lounge in, to a slightly more dressier attire that will see me well presented for a night out with friends & co.

A Night Out 

Being a  Londoner,  I have fully adjusted to the usual work  dinner/drinks cycle. Living in such a fast-paced city means the clothes that I wear have to work with me in terms of versatility. That is when the skinny jeans comes in, a key piece that is flexible for the 9-5, and can easily transition into nightlife with me.  As I am not someone who jumps into a dress for an occasion very often, I do prefer to throw on a pair of dark skinnies as a base for any night look.

Jeggings  - MARKS & SPENCER, Faux Leather Jacket - ZARA, Boots - ASOS, Bag - TOPSHOP

Casual and Chic  

Skinny jeans play a big part in my casual everyday looks. The ideal item of clothing to quickly jump into before I make a dash for the door. The styling options are endless.

Jeggings  - MARKS & SPENCER, Bomber Jacket & Boots - TOPSHOP, Bag - MARC B

Tips : Choosing, Styling & Maintaining Skinny Jeans

 Fit & proportion - To avoid problems with length, opt for skinny styles that are varied in leg lengths, you're bound to find a pair that works well with your height. Secondly, figure out whether you're 
  high-waist, regular or low rise kind of gal? When you find a fit that flatters your shape and feels   
  comfortable, stick to it!

For a subtle yet effective evening look, style your skinnies with a pair of heeled ankle boots or heels.

Skinny styles that show off a bit of ankle help to create the illusion of longer legs.

Dark wash skinny jeans are great for work wear and evening outfits. Lighter washes are perfect for a fun or casual everyday look. 

If you're not into thick denim styles, jeggings are a perfect alternative, as they provide great stretch
  and better comfort. 

Try to move around whilst trying a pair on, that could mean squatting, sitting down etc. An easy way to make sure that they will be perfect for everyday wear.

To avoid the dreaded loss of shape, look for styles that include Elastane or Lycra. A cold wash and a hang dry, can help maintain their original shape.

Turning your jeans inside out and washing them in cold water can help preserve your dark dyed
  jeans (such as indigo and black) from fading in colour for longer periods of time.


Make sure to check out M&S' denim style guide video and denim FAQ section here, so that you can find your perfect pair of denim's, and feel confident in them!

Post in collaboration with MARKS & SPENCER but all thoughts, denim dilemmas, and a never ending love for skinny jeans are my own.

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  1. Love the styling, you look lush in skinnies <3 xx


  2. You're the perfect model for them, Remi. The fits look great.

    Buckets & Spades

  3. These jeans look the absolute bomb on you! Also, can we take a minute for that metallic heel? Love that kind of details and how they add a touch of "wowza" to a look.
    Much love! xx



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