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The Art of Accessorising

December 04, 2015

There certainly is a power to the creative process we call accessorising. The art of breathing some form of life into an outfit with the use of accessorises resonates with me well, and is what I love doing most. With the forever ongoing change of trends, you don't necessarily have to update your wardrobe constantly. If you have a substantial amount of accessories to play around with, there is no limit to the number of different killer outfits one can create! Once you have the basic skills of accessorising down, the simplest of looks will always look great. Let me take you guys through a few of my favourite pieces that I'm currently loving and a few of my top tips when it comes to accessorising.


Jewellery in general plays a big part in my daily outfits, I tend to feel naked if I don't have a watch on, a stack of small rings on my fingers, or a pair of earrings in. Although they are not something I can wear on day-to-day basis, I find that statement earrings are a must have in my jewellery collection. I love the pairing of striking statement earrings and a turtleneck.

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If collecting bags was some sort of Olympic sport, I'd be heading for a gold medalist postition. I find that when looking through street style shots, especially during the fashion weeks, bags are almost always the eye catcher of an outfit. I'm a sucker for a small statement bag, as I love that no matter how small they can be, they still make a big statement. From practicality to versatility, they can take you through day and night with no fuss at all. 

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I've given all my boots a much needed rest and have recently been all over trainers like a rash. As the years have passed, there has been a growing fascination with trainers, as people are now starting to realise trainers aren't just for physical activity, but are more so another stylish type of footwear to reach for. From a pair of fresh bright whites, to a pair with bright colours and a mix of textures, trainers are definitely a type of shoe I love to accessorise with. 

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Sunglasses, fashionable and functional, and a big deal in the accessories department. A loyal companion that sees you well through all seasons, and is on constant rotation. Perfect for making you look half decent whilst fighting those groggy days (and of course for shielding yours eyes from harsh sun light, duh), but even better for being that icing on top a cake when it comes to polishing off an outfit. Being available in a varied amount of shapes, sizes, colours, patterns and materials, means you'll always find a pair to compliment and reflect your style and mood. I found these amazing Dior Technologic dupes from YesStyle, wait until you see the price ... 

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There are a variety of trendy ways to wear a scarf which definitely makes it a high contender in the accessories department. I especially love scarves when they are patterned and silky. How about you?

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  My five top tips on accessorising   

Add a pop of colour
If you tend to wear a lot of muted tones such as black, white, and grey, why not inject some colour through your accessories? Bold pieces will help add that much needed boost to an outfit. From jewellery, hats, shoes, to bags and many more, your choices are endless.

Don't go over the top 
There are times where one can over do it with the accessories, where in the end, everything looks messy and nothing really stands out. It's all about finding the right balance and drawing attention to the right focal points.

Enhance your features
Wearing accessorises are a great way to draw some attention to your  favourite features. Wear a pair of high heels to elongate your legs, put on some bold earrings to draw some focus to those amazing cheekbones, add a dainty necklace to add a little shine to that beautiful long neck of yours. 

Makeup can be an accessory too
Rocking a bold lip colour or a feline flick of eyeliner to the eyes can add that needed sparkle to the face. As long as your makeup isn't over the top, and complements your complexion, there is no reason why it can't double up as an accessory to complete a look.

Be aware of proportions
It's definitely good to be aware of proportions, as this plays a big part in the process of accessorising, in order to create the perfect balance. If you're working with with one big item, complement it with items of a smaller size if your accessorising with more than one item. Or, just let that one big item, such as a statement handbag, speak for itself. When it comes to wearing jewellery, proportion it important, as you don't want to be look like the human form of a jewellery stand. It's best to pick a focal point.

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