Marrakech, Morocco Photo Diary

November 19, 2015

Traditional Maghrebi/Moroccon mint tea
A hut in Morocco

Having come to a quick and spontaneous decision, the Red City also known as Marrakech was going to be welcoming me and my cousin before the end of 2015. With Morocco being on my list of countries to visit for a while now, the forecasted good weather in Marrakech and great flight + hotel deals were not to be missed in the month of November. Marrakech has always been the city that appeals and stands out to me most when Morocco is mentioned, so it had to be the location we would explore first. The quick research that I did do in preparation for the trip could never really quite prepare me for what was in store. It wasn't necessarily a 'culture shock', but the diversity and hustle and bustle lifestyle was endearing and some what educational. With the amount of tourists that fill the streets, there is still a sense of strong culture pulsating through the city.

The vibrant energy and charm of this city has definitely stuck to me like glue - from finding hidden treasures in the long winding souks, driving hard bargains with the locals, devouring a few too many traditional Tajines, to developing a strong love for Maghrebi/Moroccon mint tea, there was a lot to love. Marrakech can definitely put one into a sensory overload. Five days there just wasn't enough, and I left wanting to fervently roam it's lively streets once again. Fear not, Morocco will be seeing me again, as I'm keen to visit and explore the country's other cities too. 

Palm tress in Marrakech Morocco
A sack of spices in Marrakech Morocco
Palm tress and cacti in Jardin Majorelle Marrakech Morocco
Waterfall on Atlas Mountains Marrakech Morocco
Atlas Mountains Marrakech Morocco
Caleche ride in Marrakech Morocco
Shot from a dorm room in The Ben Youssef Madrasa Marrakech Morocco
Camels on Atlas Mountains Marrakech Morocco
Fashion blogger in Marrakech Morocco wearing white Weekday shirt Dr Denim skinny jeans H&M patterned scarf Tan Zara tie up sandals tortoise shell sunglasses
Old Medina alley way Marrakech Morocco
Quad Bike in Rock desert Palm Grove Marrakech Morocco

 A travel guide to Marrakech will land on Hands of Style soon, so keep an eye out!

All images taken with my Fujifilm x100T

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  1. You definately did a lot more than I did, having only spent 48 hours there. I would love to go up the Atlas Mountains and experience the country outside of the city. Excellent photos, as always.

    Buckets & Spades

  2. Your shots are gorgeous! Morocco is definitely on my travel lust list! xxx

  3. You did an amazing job on the photos Remi! Think i'm going in March, now in so excited!

  4. The photos are gorgeous!!! They belong in a gallery somewhere honestly.
    What camera is that if you don't mind me asking? Tbh it's probably more about the skill than the camera and I'm not very good haha
    Morocco has been on my travel list for a while!

  5. These photos are absolutely gorgeous! I really want to visit Marrakech sometime soon! x Laura

  6. The imagery, I love it! The fujifilm takes some gorgeous photos! I really want to visit Marrackech.

  7. What beautiful photos - Marrakech is definitely on my list of places to visit, so I look forward to seeing your travel guide!

    eat, write + explore | bloglovin' | instagram

  8. Such beautiful shots remi



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