The Perfectionist

October 26, 2015

H&M Long Bomber Jacket Missguided Striped Shirt UK Fashion Blogger
H&M Long Bomber Jacket Missguided Striped Shirt Mango Skinny Jeans Asos Chelsea Boots UK Fashion Blogger
H&M Long Bomber Jacket Missguided Striped Shirt Mango Skinny Jeans UK Fashion Blogger
H&M Long Bomber Jacket Missguided Striped Shirt Mango Skinny Jeans UK Fashion Blogger

For the past two weeks it's safe to say that I have been drained of my creativity and motivation, due to a number of annoying and frustrating things. This is something that tends to creep up on me now and then, and I'm sure that I'm not the only person who can feel like this at times. 
I have one of my personality traits to blame - perfectionism, which has it's positives and negatives.
As of recent, it has had more of a downside effect on me in terms of achieving set goals, and getting things down in general, as I'm a very harsh critic on myself and I know I always will be. Oh the life of a perfectionist. 

I find that I am constantly over-thinking things, and beat myself up when I can't seem to correctly connect the dots and build something into existence or have troubles achieving set goals - which is truly frustrating, and contributed highly to my quick blogger hiatus. In some way my perfectionism sometimes turns into procrastination, as although I can have a crystal clear and solid idea of what I want to do, the pressure of meeting my own high standards can be daunting to the point where I prevent myself from going ahead with the process that I was once excited to start, if that makes sense? 

I'm definitely learning to take everything in my stride, be less controlling in certain situations, and set ting myself goals that are achievable and not in anyway unrealistic, as less stress and procrastination is involved at the end of the day, yay! Being a perfectionist has done me way more good in life than it has bad which is the most important at the end of the day - the imperfect reality of perfectionism!

Are you a perfectionist? How you deal with the downsides of this particular trait?

Bomber Jacket - H&M TREND, Striped Shirt c/o MISSGUIDED, Jeans - MANGO, Boots - ASOS, Sunglasses - RAY BAN, Bag c/o MARC B, Watch c/o DANIEL WELLINGTON (15% off your purchase with the code 'DWHandsofstyle' (offer ends 31/10/15)

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  1. Perfectionism pays off in the long run. Don't go changing!

    Buckets & Spades

  2. I have this problem and find it especially frustrating when I can't meet my own high standards like you. I don't think always striving for better is a bad thing though just remember not to be too hard on yourself (: x

  3. love your coat

  4. OMG that coat!! In love with this look! xx

  5. Gorgeous colour and style. 

  6. I have this problem as well. It makes me wait and wait and wait, for a moment that wont come because nothing is perfect. I hate it but i think its also a good thing because it makes us do things more efficiently, even though maybe a bit slower.

    Adore your outfit girl and the way you edit your photos. xo


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