Getting Comfortable

September 25, 2015

"With confidence, you have won before you have started" - Marcus Garvey

Feeling comfortable whether it be in your skin, the clothes you wear, or with the people you surround yourself by, is extremely important for one's wellbeing. Confidence plays a great deal in feeling comfortable, an attribute that comes easy to some and for others, not so much. I feel most comfortable when I feel confident in how I look, and also when in the presence of those who exude a great amount of warm positive energy! Positive people really do make me feel comfortable and at ease in any environment, but I always make sure to maintain a positive mindset myself. As much as I love sharing sharing fashion related content on the blog, it's always nice to shed some light on more lifestyle related topics, which I'll be doing a lot more in the future.

A while back, I was kindly invited to attend a fun and chilled event hosted by The Apartment and Canesten (oh yes) which was inspired by Canesten's latest #GetComfortable campaign. The event took place in the stunning and very spacious De Montfort suite at Town Hall Hotel. 

Activities for the day were set out to allow us to feel comfortable and open about sharing thoughts about feminine issues and how women can be confident in order to feel comfortable. Canesten's campaign is pretty much focused on giving women the confidence and resources to understand their own bodies the easiest ways possible, to resolve uncertainty, and take control of their intimate health. All in the good deed to help women get comfortable, and feel confident about their bodies, not to say that males don't need support but, it's all about the girls for now, sorry!

In this day and age, we face the problem of nearly everything being based upon image, where now people feel pressured to behave, look, and even think in a certain way due to a number of things, one being the baddest boy of them all - media.

I decided to bring my younger sister in order for her to become more educated in how to be confident and feel comfortable in her own body. Although I must say, for a 14 year old, she's definitely someone who doesn't give a hoot about what people may think of her and prides herself at being the best she can be at her age.

The day started off with me getting treated to a massage for the time everrrr (yes first, you read right). Of course it was made very clear that my body was pretty tense, so I think I should fit a session in now and then! After stuffing my face with pretty food, a photoshoot session commenced with  photographer Kris Atomic. I must admit if it's not my sister shooting me behind the camera, I can feel a little lost, and awkward, but surprisingly, I felt at ease with Kris - it felt natural. Usually I'm not one to laugh and smile when getting my picture taken, but our on going chat whilst shooting had me doing just that.

Judi James a body language expert and former fashion model, gave a great talk on body language. It was interesting to hear ways in how body language can  really show our lack of confidence and ways that we could work to show more body confidence and also feel confident whilst doing so, even if its down to the way a person stands.

First image credit - Kris Atomic 

Is confidence something you lack most times? What makes you feel comfortable?
Thanks again to the guys over at The Apartment and Canesten for having me!

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  1. congrats on your first massage, now you're gonna be hooked! Love these photos, seems like you had an amazing day


  2. I really like Kris' work. Looking forward to some more lifstyle-focused pieces.

    Buckets & Spades

  3. I'm really feeling this post that is entered around confidence.

  4. I always take my own photos so when others take them for me I can get a bit awkward too! What a great workshop on confidence, more of this should be made available for younger ppl in schools/college etc but tbh I think your right when it comes to the youngers they dont really seam to care what others think! - x

    Lavinya Royes - Fashion & Lifestyle Blog


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