Pre-Season Wishlist

August 15, 2015

At this moment in time, gone are the days I get amped for a slice of sunshine and heat. Summer in London was pretty short of good weather, I'm soooo over it and ready for my favourite season - Autumn. As the summer items quickly diminish in the sales, the new season must haves are crawling out, and are finding their way to my forever growing wishlist. 

I'm still obsessed with my shirt dresses, and wide leg trousers - I will definitely drag these along with me through the colder months. One spot of detail I'm all over like a rash, is anything that has the option to be tied, whether it be a shirt, skirt, pair of trousers, or even shoes, I'm lovin' it .. ba da ba ba ba.

Collared Shirt - WEEKDAY, Linen Shirt - EQUIPMENT, Denim Jacket - WEEKDAY, Pointed Tie Up Heels - WHISTLES, Long Shirt - H&M, Trainers - NIKE, Felt Hat - MONKI, Wrap Trousers - TOPSHOP, Sunglasses - DIOR, Belted Midi Skirt - TOPSHOP

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  1. love those Whistles shoes!
    Got them a few months ago, they are so comfy and totally go with every outfit possible...


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