Summer Work Wear

July 23, 2015

What to wear in the office during summer
What to wear in the office during summer
What to wear in the office during summer

The work wear wardrobe should never prove a challenge when it comes to summer! When it comes to work, I mean business, so I like to let that show through what I wear. With slight adjustments to my wardrobe, it's pretty easy to keep that level of professionalism in my daily looks during the hotter months. Dressing for the office during summer doesn’t always require a compromise on your summer style. You can still look cute in a blouse and peg leg trousers, just play around with light fabrics, and colours.
I do love a fitted two-piece suit, but a long-sleeved blazer may be too much for a light look. A light sleeveless belted jacket/blazer is the perfect alternative, clean cut, feminine, giving me a fierce silhouette. A nice white crisp shirt would be another good option also. 
The peg leg trouser is my best friend. I like to opt for the ankle grazer style to get a sense of summer flowing through my looks. Showing a little ankle never hurt anybody! Another alternative would be a linen or suede-look pencil skirt, if I want to show a bit of leg.

If heels aren’t on the menu for a long day ahead, a pair of pointed flats are my next best bet, as they do wonders for making the legs look a little longer! Accessorising with sunglasses is of course inevitable. A medium sized handbag to carry workload is crucial, and a spot of jewellery is never a bad idea as it adds a bit of personality to an outfit.

This summer, Dorothy Perkins are keen to give all the working girls a push in the right direction when it comes to dressing for work, with their summer work wear collection. What's your summer work wear personality? Are you someone who means business just like me? Or are you more of a casual made cute kind of girl?  Find out by taking Dorothy Perkins' summer work wear personality quiz here. Let me know your results in the comments below!

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  3. Great pieces for the forever and ongoing transitional seasons


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