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June 12, 2015

Summer 2015 UK Fashion Blogger Wishlist

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I've got to admit, I make a list for everything (doesn't quite mean that I'm any where close to being organised most times unfortunately), and items that I'm currently lusting over is one. I like to create these quite often, as you can tell from my wishlist posts. For all my fellow people who weirdly enjoy making wishlist like I do, say hello to your new best friend - Lyst. Lyst is the perfect interactive shopping destination that allows you to simply create 'Lysts' for any type of theme, occasion, mood, the choice is all yours. I'm pretty sure a lot of you stumble across this website when browsing the web (I always do). Everything falls into one, as you are able to shop directly from the site, whilst following a huge amount of designers, and stores, getting to know what they are interested in, and of course creating your own wishlists with their products (and hopefully buying them at some point, yay). 

With the help of Lyst, I've created two go to Summer outfits that would be perfect for a city gal like me.
Right about now, I' trying to get my Summer Wardrobe ready (here's to hoping we actually experience Summer here in England). You all may have noticed that I'm pretty much into the neutral tones currently. Of course I'm up for a pop of colour here and there, but at the moment, I seem to be fixated on mainly nudes, black, white, grey khaki and whatever neutral colour you can think of! I've been obsessing over the Saint Laurent bag forever as it is the perfect investment piece for a wardrobe! I'm pretty much into culottes and espadrilles right now, so I feel that I will be rocking them quite a lot during Summer.

Check out my Summer inspired wish Lyst here

Lyst homepage
Signing up to Lyst takes no time at all. Other than the basic details, you are asked a few questions in order for Lyst to get to know what you like and what you don't, for example, you can choose your favourite designers from an A-Z list to follow. This ensures you are kept up to date with their latest products. Other than being kept up to date on the latest arrivals, you are alerted when certain items you include in your lysts go on sale, which is a great feature, as this could prevent you from missing out and being virtually slapped with the disheartening 'sold-out' sign.

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One of my favourite features of the website definitely has to be 'The LongLyst' blog. I'm always on the hunt for daily inspiration, and this page provides just that! The includes different categories, my favourite being 'Read(dress ), which essentially focuses on different opinions on style choices, pretty funny articles I must say. Another fave is the Lyst homepage, were different designers, stores and fashion influencers create their own lysts for example, 'What to Wear to a Wedding', or ''What to Pack when Headed to the Beach'. I love how you can find inspiration for any occasion, its pretty helpful! For those who don't like reading through tonnes of text, you'll definitely dig the homepage!

It's safe to say that Lyst will be seeing more of my wish-lysts on a regular! 
Have you heard you of Lyst before? What do you think of it?

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  1. I lo, lo, loveee the black sandals. I might just go over to and buy them instantly. Thanks for the share!


  2. I agree that a Fashion wish list make you know what you really like and help you define your style !
    I love that duster coat from River Island so bad !


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