Summer Essentials with Monsoon

April 19, 2015

Fashion Blogger's Summer Essentials 2015
Monsoon, it's been a while since I've owned anything from this brand ... I'm talking childhood days! As Summer (hopefully) draws closer as the days go by, I've found myself needing to update my wardrobe sooner rather than later! It's always good to start thinking about the Summer basics/essentials that you want to purchase, before diving head first into all the Summer trends! From the skinny jeans to a classic jumpsuit, having your essential item sorted gives way to styling your looks easily and effortlessly. As you all can probably tell, I'm not one to rock a lot of colour. I'm sure that some days I'll want to be adventurous and throw on something orange or neon yellow, but for now, white, khaki, grey, black, navy, and  some subtle patterns here and there is my thing for Summer. Don't hold me to it though, I could change my mind along the way haha. Let the Summer shopping commence!

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