February Beauty Favourites

March 12, 2015

Beauty Favourites of the month

BEAUTY ... something you guys will be seeing a little more of on Hands of Style. With the new year came a new obsession - makeup. I've never really been interested in most aspects of makeup, so my collection has always been pretty basic. I remember the first time I visited Sephora in Paris, I was more excited to leave than to stay and drool over beauty products (forgive me girls).
Fast forward on hours and hours of watching beauty related videos on YouTube, I want to try everythinggg the makeup world has to offer haha. Here are a few of my favourite bits and bobs I've been loving in the month of February...


Zoeva 110 Face Shape Brush Review
Sleek Contour Kit in Medium and Rodial Instaglam Compact Deluxe Translucent HD Powder

Foundation is one product I have never owned simply because I've never felt the need to really use it. I do have quite clear skin (thanks mum and dad), and most of the time, people usually assume that I have foundation on, which I guess is a compliment in itself! Right now, I want to be able to use products without the need for a base. However, I have been looking into tinted moisturisers, so we'll see!
 I've taken a liking to the whole contour and highlight business, so I went out and bought the Sleek Contour Kit in medium. For contouring, the contour powder is not dark enough so I like to use it as a matte bronzer, and it seems to do the trick! The highlight on the other hand is perfect - a nice warm shimmery gold tone! Luckily enough, these powders don't look ashy on the skin. 

The Zoeva 110 Face Shape Brush will always be a favourite of mine - it doesn't shed and is firm but ultra soft. What's funny, is that I received it in a random goody bag, more than a year ago now (calls for a new one)! I'm definitely no expert when it comes to makeup brushes so I use anything in a way that works for me. This brush I believe is a medium sized foundation brush, but I use it to buff in my concealer, it leaves such a flawless finish. How beautiful are the current Zoeva brush sets by the way?!

I usually use e.l.f's loose hd powder to set my concealer, but I have been giving the Rodial Instaglam Compact Deluxe Translucent HD Powder* a go, and I love it. First things first, the packaging is pretty snazzy, how can I not love the fact that it has a large 'R' placed on it?? It almost feels as if it has been personalised just for me! 
I don't use the powder all over my face, but I'm pretty sure it will leave you looking matte for days honey (if that's what you like). It prevents my concealer from creasing under the eyes, and also gives this pretty blurred/airbrushed finish too. I like to blot it onto the middle of my forehead for when the going gets tough and excess shine starts to appear.


I can never have too many nude shades when it comes down to nail polishes. I randomly stumbled across this nude Kelly Brook nail polish on New Look's website, and knew I just had to have it! I'm pretty sure it's one of those one-off products, that I''ll never find again, which is a shame!

 I've been trying to look after my nails lately and have found this Leighton Denny Easy Peasy Mani Set* a real treat to use (available at Look Fantastic for £27.50). All the products are pretty much handbag friendly, which is perfect for someone who is always on the go.
My favourite product from this set has to be the 'Miracle Mist' spray, which basically helps to dry my nails in seconds. Compared to a lot of similar sprays that I've used, this one doesn't have that sticky formula once sprayed (which I hate). I have now stopped using emery boards to file my nails and have swapped them for the LD Crystal Nail File which is on me at all times. It is way more gentle on the nail beds, and I don't have to worry about it wearing down so quickly. The only down side with these type of nail files is the chalk-to-board feeling you get now and then whilst filing away *shivers*. Other products included in the set are the Slick Tips Pen, which is basically a non-sticky cuticle oil in the form of a pen (pretty snazzy), the 'Wrap It Up', a two in one matte base coat, and glossy fast drying top coat, and lastly, the 'Remove and Go' Polish Remover. I've always been a bit sceptical about those nail polish removers that you simply dip your fingers into, but I can confirm ... they are pretty cool! I have a few nail polishes from LD to try out, which I can't wait to use, as I've heard good things about them.


Rodial Eye Sculpt

The Rodial Eye Sculpt* is a product that I think everyone should have in their makeup collection. It's the perfect taupe-brown colour that is perfect for an everyday neutral look, and a soft smokey eye for the evening. The texture is everything - a light mousse like feel that glides on like butter! It stays put all day which is definitely a bonus. A simple sweep like application on the lids with the finger is all you need for a quick colour on the eyes. For a more defined look (smokey eye), it's great as a base or even for the contour of the eye (look at me sounding like the MUA that I'm really not, haha)!

It's very rare to see me without a flick of eyeliner. I've never been one to try out too many eyeliner products surprisingly. For like ever, I've been using e.l.f's liquid eyeliner, but fell out of love with it when they changed the shape of the brush tip (boo)- it just wasn't working for me anymore. I recently decided to try out H&M's Felt Tip Liquid Eyeliner. I was sold from the first time I used it. It glides on so well and dries very quickly (what any good eyeliner should be able to do anyway). The felt tip is firm but surprisingly soft against the skin. I think it's the felt tip brush that really works well for me. Now H&M need to work on a waterproof version!

Lastly for the eyes, concealer. I religiously use MAC's Studio Finish SPF 35 Concealer for my dark circles, but was looking for something I could use as an alternative at times. I decided to walk into KIKO Cosmetics on Regent street randomly one day, as I always walk past it and pay it no mind. Well I wish that I did sooner! I finally found a concealer that worked just as well as my studio finish - the Skin Evolution Concealer. It provides a smooth and silky matte finish. I love to apply it with my fingers to warm it up a little, and blend it out with a damp beauty blender or Zoeva face brush, for a natural looking conceal. The product tends to settle onto the skin quite quick, and once it does, it doesn't budge. So I never waste time when it comes to applying it! I'm also looking to try out their Full Coverage Concealer pretty soon too. 

So there we have it, my favourite beauty products from the month of February. I think I will start a monthly fashion favourites series too. Let me know what you guys think! 

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  1. Awesome beauty favourites. I really need that shade of nail polish in my life, it's gorgeous <3 x


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