Bubble Pearl Drinks at Royal China

February 16, 2015

I've been getting into a bit of reviewing lately, I hope you guys don't mind! It's always nice to discover new places to eat, as I'm definitely not someone who gets around a lot! 

Let's talk Chinese. I've got to admit, a couple of years ago I could confidently tell you how much I hated the stuff! It took me a while to really appreciate the popular cuisine, but now I'm all over it, like syrup on pancakes.

A couple of weeks back, I was kindly invited to the Royal China restaurant on Baker Street to try out the new range of exotic Asian Bubble Pearl beverages (priced at £5.80) made with fresh fruit.  The Taiwanese inspired mocktails contain balls of delicious tapioca-like jelly balls (the pearls) nestled at the bottom of the glass. These provide a delicious burst of flavour and some novel chewiness to the thirst quenching drinks. To spice things up, there were options to add shots of alcohol to the drinks, but I chose to go without.

Now, I have been wanting to give these bubble tea drinks a try for a while now, as I hear so many mixed reviews about them - usually negative.

Once our chosen pearl drinks arrived (Strawberry and Mango + Passion Fruit), I noticed they looked a lot different to the ones that the likes of Bubbleology produce. After a hesitant sip through the straw, me and my cousin were solddd! Honestly, one of the best drinks I have ever sipped on in my life. I wish I had one by my side right now! The big straws allow the pearls to race up into your mouth, where you then experience this bursting sensation (the pearls going to work) - a full on tropical party in your mouth, it's pretty epic.

The Royal China group ( which carries six of London’s most authentic and prestigious Chinese restaurants) are well known for their splendid Dim Sum menu, which is available from noon up until 5pm everyday, a perfect place to grab lunch in a luxurious and relaxing environment!

We ordered a variety of traditional and authentic Hong Kong Chinese appetisers and dishes to accompany our Bubble tea beverages. Dim Sum, Meatballs, Prawn Rolls, Spring Rolls, Crispy Noddles, and whole lot more! We certainly couldn't fault the food at all! 
The service was great from the moment we walked through the door, thanks to the friendly and welcoming staff. I would say Royal China is one of those restaurants that is perfect for any occasion, whether it be a romantic dinner for two, or birthday celebration! Thanks for having us!

Book your visit at www.royalchinagroup.co.uk 

40-42 Baker Street, London W1U 7AJ

- Disclaimer -
Although this was a complimentary meal and experience, all views and opinions are my own as per usual. If I haven't quite enjoyed a particular experience you wouldn't be seeing or hearing about it on Hands of Style!

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