Well, hello there 2015

January 01, 2015

2015 has sprung up on us as quick as a cheeky wink. 2014 was definitely a year that taught me a lot (many lessons learnt indeed). The many years of moaning and whinging about being in education soon came to an end. Once my three exhausting years of studying Biomedical Science at uni had ended, I was thrown into the deep end of what we call reality (boo, you w***e). Figuring out what to do with myself since then has been difficult, and I'd be a tad naive not to think it wouldn't be! Of course I won't ignore the highlights of 2014, as I had the opportunity to travel, meet great new people, and grow mentally - yes, just mentally, I'm stuck at the height of 5'4 forever unfortunately.

An idea that was constantly on my mind was possibly having the opportunity to blog full-time, however, it seemed so unrealistic in my situation. In the past few months, I also found my self really second-guessing this blog, always comparing it's growth to others (worst thing a blogger could possibly do, eeek). However, the small words of encouragement I have been receiving lately from family, friends, and my lovely readers, has reignited that tedious flame.
2015 will definitely be the year that I put my everything into this blog, not just for me, but for the sake of you guys who take time out of your lives to sit down, scroll through, and actually read what I produce. Hands of Style is ready for the next chapter!

Overall, my 2014 was quite 'blah'. Nevertheless, I'm grateful that I lived it through, as there are plenty of people who were not as fortunate as me in that aspect. I can only hope and wish for me and you both, a great New Year filled with happiness, positive vibes, and fabulous memories to create!

Oh, HEY THERE 2015, I'm ready for ya!

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  1. Happy New Year!

    2014 was also a mediocre year for me; nevertheless i am grateful to be alive and be surrounded by loved ones.

    wishing you all the best for 2015 x


  2. I think your blog is awesome! Keep going and much love to you in 2015! xx

  3. Happy new year love! x



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