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January 26, 2015

Sony alpha a5000 compact system camera review
Sony alpha a5000 compact system camera review
Sony alpha a5000 compact system camera review
Sony alpha a5000 compact system camera review
Sony alpha a5000 compact system camera review
Image taken with Sony alpha a5000 compact system camera

Say hello to my little friend! The side kick to my DSLR - the Sony Alpha a5000. I had been wanting a cute little partner for my Canon 600D for a while, but just didn't know where to start looking. I knew I wanted a product that I could vlog with and carry around easily (as DSLRs are bulky and are not necessarily vlogger friendly), Wi-Fi capability to make sharing images quick and simple, and to generally have similar abilities of a DSLR, including image quality and interchangeable lenses - just because I'm extra like that. So I guess what I was ideally looking for was along the lines of a compact system camera.

After seeing this camera on a random instagram account, it definitely caught my attention with its awesome flip screen, and interchangeable lens. After tons of research I was adamant that this was the camera I needed in my life immediately.

A round up of the specs/features (well, the best bits) ...

-  The world's smallest & lightest interchangeable lens camera (as of 22/01/2014)
-  20.1 Megapixels HD APS sensor
-  180° tiltable 3 inch LCD screen for self portraits, also known as selfies
-  1080p HD video capture.
-  BIONZ X™ image processing engine for superb detail and noise reduction
-  PZ 16-50mm kit lens
-  Bulit-in pop up flash
-  Simple sharing and control with Wi-Fi and NFC One-touch
-  PlayMemories camera apps to expand creativity when shooting (although, you have to pay to add
   new cool features to the camera - typical Sony ay?)

I don't want to heavily bore you guys with one hundred reasons for why this camera is amazing, so I've decided to share just a few, haha.

The interchangeable 16-50mm f/3.5-5.6 lens 
The PZ 16-50mm lens (similar to the 18-50mm lens kit that comes with most DSLRs) doesn't produce the most intense bokeh effect (blurred background) unless you're shooting macro/close up. However, it has a nice wide angle which has a slight fish eye effect to it, which I absolutely love. Not to forget, you're able to purchase a lens with a wider and larger aperture (such as a 50mm f/1.8 or E 16mm f/2.8 lens) if you want to - I probably will in the future.

Wi-Fi and NFC One-touch sharing
Sharing images with family, friends and social media followers becomes 10 times easier. With a click of a button, you're able to send images wirelessly straight to your smartphone, PC or TV in no time at all. I would definitely like to start sharing more images on my Instagram account for when I'm out and about and capture something interesting.

180 degree flip screen
I'm not too fussed with the non-existent view finder, as the screen is all I need. The fact it flips up at an 180 degree angle makes vlogging that much easier. Also, how about those selfies though? I'll be a pro in no time. It even has a an automatic timer to ensure you capture the perfect selfie.

ISO Sensitivity 
The wide range of ISO settings (100 to 16000), allows the a5000 to produce quality images whilst adapting to any type of lighting situation,  in conjunction with its built-in flash.

Full HD Video Recording 
This year I really want to get my vlogging on, so the 1080p video capture is perfect. When I get the hang of this YouTube lifestyle, this camera could be a nice alternative to my DSLR. We'll see...

Honestly speaking, if you are not ready for a big boy DSLR, or just can't deal with its bulkiness, the a5000 could be your answer for a good quality compact system camera! It is basically a compact DSLR in my eyes. I'm enjoying the image quality, how compact it is, and the millions of features I'm still yet to finish going through. Might I also add, it will make a fab camera to document my travels!

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  1. This looks like the perfect little camera! I've been looking for a good one before I can get a big DSLR, I think you've inspired me! Thanks for all the details too, camera shopping can be so confusing... x

  2. I've been eyeing this camera for a while and love the features and love the size of it so it's more easy to travel around with. After reading your post im so getting it now. Thanks for your detailed posts it was so helpful.
    ShaunicaLyn | Beauty Blog

  3. Ohhh this looks like an awesome camera! x

  4. This write up has sealed the deal for me! I have had my eye on this camera as my first ever photography purchase to blog/vlog with! I'm so pleased I've found this & that I won't necessarily need to buy a huge DSLR right away.
    Peace & Love
    KC xx

  5. Hiya- I just found your blog whilst searching for reviews on this camera! Thanks so much for sharing your thought, I was deciding between and Olympus Pen and this one but I'm leaning towards this one now x


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