Midnight Blue

January 01, 2015

Faux Fur Helen Moore Scarf
Olvie Green Trench Coat
Faux Fur Helen Moore Scarf
Silver H&M rings
Olive Green Trench Coat

Kicking the New Year off with an outfit post, yay - nothing really new in that aspect. I'm pretty much tired of taking pictures in the same spot, having the same background etc. This year I'm looking to broaden my horizon, which involves dragging my obedient little brother and sister to cool, an slightly more interesting locations.

Fur (faux fur that is) is something I like to add to my wardrobe when the icy temperatures break through every year. I must admit, I'm guilty of lusting over real fur from a far, but could never imagine wrapping myself in fox or raccoon for the sake of fashion - it's pretty weird. But yet again, I wouldn't shy away from real leather - I'm definitely confused.

I might as well start a Helen Moore faux fur scarf collection - two down, only about 10 other colour ways to go. Vixen number two has settled down pretty well, as she spends most of her time propped around my neck since I took her home (yes, unfortunately I'm talking about a scarf. not a puppy)!

Trench Coat - BOOHOO, Boots - NEXT, Bag - & OTHER STORIES, Hat - H&M, Faux Fur Scarf - c/o HELEN MOORE, Watch - c/o DANIEL WELLINGTON (15% up for grabs with the code 'handsofstye'.Valid until 15th Jan)

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  1. Great photos Remi! I was wondering if you would tell me what you use to edit your photos?
    I have a Canon 600d as well.
    Thank you :)

    1. Hey Siya, thank you!! :)
      I edit my photos on my iPhone with Afterlight and Vsco Cam! x

    2. Thank you! they come out so clean and crisp.

  2. You always have such perfect photos. I always find my self in the same locations as well when shooting an outfit. It's just so hard to stray away from a spot that's so perfect. Then again I can agree that it would be nice to explore.

    Also I can't get enough of that faux fur scarf, such a brilliant color!

    Neon Fox

  3. the faux fur scarf is gorgeous x


  4. your little bro and sis do a great job at taking your pics!
    Lovely outfit x


  5. HAH. I also have the difficult little brother problem. I have a tripod but nothing works better than another human being. Beautiful post. That scarf is gorgeous indeed. Happy New Year Remi!

    Thy Bliss Calls

  6. Your style kills me every time! That scarf is the most beautiful colour.

  7. These photographs are so gorgeous, I am loving the stole xx



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