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January 29, 2015

The other week I was kindly invited to dine at the Maze by Gordon Ramsay restaurant situated in Mayfair. Virgin Experience Days are currently offering an amazing variety of Valentine's Day gifts right now, so be sure to check them out if you're stuck on ideas! Looking for a slightly different dining experience for Valentine’s Day? Well The Maze restaurant may just be the right spot for you and your companion. 




Situated no more than a 4 minute walk away from Bond Street Underground Station, the Maze restaurant doesn't take a lifetime to find. With a quick swipe of Google maps on the phone you're there in a jiffy. 
You have the pleasure of overlooking the pleasant Grosvenor Square - a large garden exclusive to the Mayfair district of London. So perhaps a lovely romantic stroll after the tasty 5-course meal?



The overall interior design is modern and contemporary. The rich hue of purples are the stand out colours, and somewhat make you feel at easy as you step into the space. There is a lot of wooden furnishing involved in the design, which I personally love.

 I wouldn't exactly say that the decor is as fancy and grand as its other relatives, such as the P├ętrus or Savoy Grill Gordan Ramsay restaurants however.



Hiking up to the entrance, we were pleasantly greeted by the receptionist who offered to take our outerwear to place in their cloakroom. I guess if you haven't reserved a table, you would have the choice to head towards the Maze Grill situated on the right side of the reception, or the Main Maze restaurant, which is to your left - as long as both venues are not too busy, or fully booked. 
Danyah showed me and my friend Kezzie to our table, and again, we were greeted by the friendly staff as we walked through past the impressive mini sushi/cocktail bar. We both loved the smart but casual atmosphere. First impressions are always important, as they can make or break the rest of a restaurant experience, but I'm glad to say there were no strange feelings here.



We were treated to the 'Five Course Tasting Menu with a Glass of Champagne for Two'. With the menu you have two options for each course. We were advised by Danyah to each pick different options so that we could have a taste of everything they had to offer, which made a lot of sense.

For a person who sticks to certain types of food at restaurants, staring down at the menu, I knew I was in for a surprise once I firstly spotted Octopus. Before that day, I vowed never to have octopus near my mouth, but not everything in life goes to plan. To my surprise, octopus is actually quite nice!
As this was a tasting menu, the French and Asian inspired dishes were produced almost tapas style, meaning they were small but of much variety.  

My favourite part of the five course taster menu hands down was the desert - oh my. Madeleines with Chantilly cream, Profiteroles with chocolate bailey's gel and ginger ice cream, and Cheesecake with white chocolate, pineapple, szechaun powder and coconut, I would have happy taken seconds. 

You can find the special Valentine's Day menu here, which is different to the set menu that we had.


Me and Kezzie thoroughly enjoyed the 5-course experience - from the super friendly and attentive staff (a shout out to Danyah and Thomas especially), to the relaxing atmosphere, and not to forget the exquisite food! Thank you for having us!

- Disclaimer -
The Five Course Tasting Menu with a Glass of Champagne for Two was complimentary and courtesy of Virgin Experience Days. All views and opinions are my own as per usual. If I haven't quite enjoyed a particular experience you wouldn't be seeing or hearing about it on Hands of Style!

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