Travel | Paris Photo Diary

November 12, 2014

Back in July, I visited Paris for a week with my friend, It was great to stay in this beautiful city whilst the weather was so good! I was sorting out images on my laptop a few days ago (I really need a hard drive before anything goes pear-shaped), and stumbled across a load of pictures I took whilst I was in Paris. I can't believe I totally forgot about them, and to even share my experience immediately after I got back! I think i just needed to relax and it somehow slipped my mind. Anyway, above are a few pictures I managed to take during my time there!

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  1. Paris is such a lovely city! Beautiful photos Remi x

  2. Such lovely pictures and that pizza looks so yum! x
    Two Looks, One London

  3. These photos make me miss paris even more. What do you use to edit them?

    1. I need to go back! I use Afterlight. It's a long process having to transfer big images to my phone all the time ha!

  4. I recentely did a post on Paris, such a beautiful city!
    Cant wait to go back!!!


  5. Well you found them, and there's some lovely shots. Will you go back?

    Buckets & Spades


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