Gift Guide #1 - For Her

November 26, 2014

Christmas Gift Guide For Her

Don't you just love the build up to Christmas (minus the cash loss of course)?! During my unhealthy online window shopping sessions, I've noticed that most retailers now have their gift guides up and running, and I thought why not create a few of my own for you all! This year I'll definitely be sticking to online Christmas shopping, just because it's less of a hassle!
For the next few weeks I'll be sharing a few gift guides. First up, are gifts for the ladiesss.

1. Embellished Metal Crossboay Bag - TOPSHOP
2. Large Face Watch - ASOS
3. Sister Jane Wool Motorbike Jacket - via ASOS
4. Rabbit Slippers - ASOS
5. Heat-Up Huggable Boston Terrier  - URBAN OUTFITTERS
6. Wide Brim Wool Hat - & OTHER STORIES
8. Warehouse Mom Jeans - via ASOS
9. iPhone Case With Ears - ASOS
10. 'Born to be Wild' Notebook - URBAN OUTFITTERS
11. Mirror Stud Preppy Sunglasses - URBAN OUTFITTERS
12. Faux Fur Long Patchwork Collar - ASOS

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