ghd Aura blow dryer

November 17, 2014

The aura hairdryer c/o ghd

As you all can probably tell, I almost always stick to one hairstyle (borinnng) - my trademark bun and unruly side swept fringe. If I leave my hair down, it's most probably a long weave. However, I've found that with my head shape, having my hair down seems to make my face appear more rounder and chubbier which I'm not a fan of, and that is why I always have my hair up! I'm still trying to find a hairstyle that won't involve me having my hair up all the time, as I don't want to lose those edgesss!

As much as I would love to air dry my hair completely, I find that it doesn't quite give my hair that new lease of life, so blow drying plays a big part in my hair routine after a good wash!
Prior to ghd kindly gifting me this amazing ghd aura hairdryer, I had to make do with a random hair dryer that my mum bought a year ago. I always feel like it's going to blow my hand off when I use it at times - very funny hair tool.

I thought that I'd quickly show you guys how I get my hair from deslucido to fabuloso (not that fabulous, but I'm sure you get my drift). Here it goes ...

Wash & Blow Dry ...

So typically before I wash my hair, I apply a conditioner which I would leave on for about an hour. After I've shampooed & co-washed my hair, I towel dry and let my hair hang for 5-10 mins. I then start to detangle my hair with a wide tooth comb, applying a heat protectant whilst I do. 
Now it's time to blow dry! I used to be very lazy with blow drying, but now I take the time to section my hair with hair clips and dry section by section (but as you can see in the picture below, I did a very quick sectioning, so it's not the best example - I was tired ok!).

Styling ...

Now that the blow drying is done. It's time to section out my front fringe and clip that part in place. I then apply a light hair moisturiser and gather the rest of my hair up to create my slightly messy bun. I release the fringe, and play around with it using a comb and my fingers. Once I'm satisfied with it, I tuck it behind my ear and ta-da, we're done!

I know that it seems a bit odd that I use a wide tooth comb to blow dry my hair. I find that the bristled barrel brushes tug way too much on my hair. I always like to end a blow drying session without clumps of hair on the floor! For me personally, a wide tooth comb does the job, as I don't need to leave my hair down (which a barrel brush would be good for)!

Honestly after using the aura, I say if you can, invest in your hairdryer!! My hair definitely feels and falls different now. I don't even need to straighten my fringe like I used to! I've been asked a few times if I've relaxed my hair recently and between you and me, I haven't relaxed my hair in 3 months!
The aura left my hair feeling very smooth and shiny and of course kept the volume - just the way I like it. I also found that I dried my hair in half the time than I usually do, on low heat as well - so blow drying with the aura is less time consuming too!

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