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September 11, 2014

The Kenzie Leather Watch & Leather iKraft Mini Notepad c/o Nixon

Forget Michael Kors' watches, it's all about Nixon for me! Nixon produce the coolest, and most timeless pieces. They also have their fair share of eccentric designs! I love that they have a large variety of styles so that there is something for everyone.

One of my favourite watch designs from Nixon has to be The Kensington, it's such a classic style - I own it in silver/white and wear it everyday without fail (as you may notice in my outfit posts), and get a lot of compliments on it! I think I need it in all it's available metal colours to be honest.

Check out this classic beauty ... I've always wanted a small-faced watch that I can accessorise well with lots of bracelets, and this Kenzie Leather watch ticks all the right boxes! I love the smooth leather design, it's simplicity, and even it's name - real cute ha!

If you've never come across Nixon, I recommend that you check out what they have, as they do produce a lot more than beautiful watches! 

Thank you Nixon and a special thanks to Pauline!

- This post is not sponsored. all opinons are my own! 

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  1. Definitely need to go research a little more into nixon pieces
    I'm in love with this mini notepad
    The detailing is perfect so minimal
    S xx

  2. such a sucker for a good watch and Nixon is defo one of them. NEEEED to own one! x


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