Rainy Days

August 20, 2014

Skirt, Fedora and Boots c/o Missguided, Top and Denim Jacket - Monki, Bag - H&M

Summer seems to be drifting away, and by the looks of it, quite rapidly! If I hadn't gone on holiday this Summer, this unpredictable season would have definitely been quite boring! Now my thoughts catapult to my wardrobe ... Lot's of clearing out has been done to make way for the future newbies!

I've aways wondered how it feel to take pictures of my outfit whilst it rains, and I guess this day I finally found out! The sun was shining, the temperature was decent, so I reached out for this beautiful khaki pleated midi skirt! I hadn't worn my new Monki pieces yet, so I thought I bring them out to play too! A pleated midi skirt looks great for hot, warm and cold days, the perfect all-season skirt. I'm obsessed with it's colour too! I've been trying to add a bit of girl to my swag (I didn't just say that), and I think I'm getting the hang of it haha.
Also, check out this fedora! I've been on the hunt for one in black and my search was cut short, thanks to Missguided. The perfect Autumn/Winter accessory .. I'm never taking it off!

The clouds start to turn grey - oh great. My little sister starts shooting and the rain comes pouring down! I thought that she wouldn't be able to carry on but she did, encouraging me to continue with my awkward poses! The pictures didn't come out half bad and it was nice just to get 'caught up in the moment'. A little rain never hurt nobody (not that from now on I'd happily step out in the rain to take photos - no sir)!

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  1. Ah this is such a amazing outfit!

  2. Lovely post! Gorgeous! xx

  3. You have such an amazing sense of style! Really love this look!


  4. perfect transition outfit!


  5. i'm a big fan of kahki, the skirt looks great!

    Buckets & Spades

  6. Adore this outfit & the photos turned out great for the weather! The weather is so temperamental in Scotland so I know how it feels working in different weather conditions!

    Belinda Louise | Fashion Crossing

  7. Oh sososo great Remi are usual, you look insane! x

  8. girl you look so beautiful, this outfit is spot on x


  9. those boots look so much more expensive than Missguided! I'm impressed xx


  10. I've always wondered the same thing about shooting in the rain. Also that skirt is lovely. Great look!

    Neon Fox

  11. hello Im a new reader and follower love your blog already, (especially those boots)


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