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July 17, 2014

Passport Cover & Sunglasses - & Other Stories, Purse - Monki, Iphone Case c/o Iconemesis, Jewellery Roll c/o Aspinal of London, Pouch - Forever 21

Here are a few things that I like to have on hand during a flight ...

Passport/Passport Holder - Not exactly going to get any where without it really! I always like to dress mine up with a cute passport cover.

Jewellery Roll - This gorgeous leather jewellery roll from Aspinal of London, will come in handy to store my fave jewellery. It's perfect for anyone who loves to bring jewellery along with them whilst they travel! The four zipped compartments make it easier to separate different types of jewellery. I also love the idea of the detachable leather strap which holds earrings and/or rings. The perfect travel accessory to organise your favourite jewellery! It's also small enough to fit into a handbag so there's no need to worry about leaving your precious jewellery pieces in any checked-in luggage.

Moisturiser/Lip Balm - A journey without lip balm can usually end up terribly to be honest. No time for licking my lips every 3 seconds! No matter how long a flight is, I like to keep my face and hands thoroughly moistened too! A flight can honestly make it look like it has sucked the life right out of you!

Cosmetics/Make-up Pouch  - To apply once I get off of the plane.  Freshen up my eyebrows, add a bit of concealer and lipstick to brighten up my face a little!

Wipes - I use these to soothe and quickly cleanse my face before I add a moisturiser.

Bottle of Water/Snack - Peckish is my middle name , I always have to keep chocolate, crisps or hard boiled sweets at hand, and water keeps me hydrated!

Book/Phone & Earphones - As I'll be on a short haul flight with no sign of complimentary entertainment (movies), reading a book whilst listening to music is the next best thing!

Notebook & Pen - I do like to doodle a lot , is it weird that I find it quite relaxing? If I don't have paper around, it's my own skin that gets inked! Also random thoughts and ideas tend to pop up in my head randomly, so a small notebook is always handy to me.

Wallet - To carry foreign, local currency and bank cards. It's large enough to also use as a travel wallet, so I can put my boarding pass and other important documents in it.

Sunglasses -  If I do end up wanting to sleep, I like to pop on my sunglasses and drift off (I always have this feeling that people are staring at me if I ever nod off in a public area). Also as I'm heading to a hot/sunny destination, sunglasses have got to be on stand-by when I walk out of that airport hunny!

Thin Knitwear - Planes for me are always cold due to the air conditioning. I can never sit in my seat comfortably with just a t-shirt on so I have to throw on something long sleeved and light such as a cardigan.

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  1. This is spot on! I love that jewelry roll. It's so convenient! I would add an iPad or a Macbook because I like to stay connected on my flights. Oh and also chewing's annoying when your ears get clogged when you take off and land!



  2. The jewellery roll is so cool, I need to get myself one of those! x

  3. I absolutely love your photographic style. the grains in your pictures !!

  4. Love this post - nice jewellery roll - I need this!


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