Summer Shoes

June 30, 2014

Orange Sandals & Two Strapped Sandals - Zara, Open Toe Boots - Missguided,  Sliver and Black Platform Sandals - Asos.

I think I've purchased enough shoes this Summer. Here are a few (yes, unfortunately there is more) that I have picked up over the past few weeks.  I tend to go over board when it comes to shoes!
I remember when I used to hate wearing sandals of any kind, so it's surprising that I'm currently obsessed with so many styles that high street brands are selling at the moment!

Now I'm impatiently counting down the days until my holidays come by. I'll be off to Madrid and Paris in July, cannot wait. I definitely need a break from London! Hopefully I will try and get posts up as the days go by, so you can experience my time away with me, but we'll see! I also want to give vlogging a go when I do go away, what do you guys think?

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  1. How cute are those orange ones!

    Have fun on your holiday x

  2. In LOVE with all of these choices, especially the Missguided cut out boots <3 xx

  3. Love the Zara two strap sandals...They look like they'd be extremely comfortable...

    Have fun on your holiday!


  4. Love the open toed boots, so cute x

  5. I want the Zara two strapped sandals....they look comfortable and stylish x

  6. I just love summer shoes! You should totally do vlogging, I think that'll be cool to see.

    Neon Fox

  7. The opened toe boots are so gorgeous! x

  8. Those Asos sandals are my fav, so upset they didn't fit me properly :(

  9. Love the tan/orrange pair!
    Have you checked out Bershka's sandal? x

  10. I love the Missguided boots! Just went to check for my size but there sold out :(

    Belinda Louise UK Personal Style Blogger | Fashion Crossing


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