Nokia Connects #1020Spotlight

April 25, 2014

I had the pleasure of working on a project with Nokia UK earlier this month. The aim was to shoot using the amazing 41 Megapixel Nokia Lumia 1020 (that I also trialed for a month). I set out to The Victoria & Albert museum  to participate in a mini-photo-shoot with the Nokia team. I thought it would be a challenge to get images that could somewhat compare to those that my Canon 600D produces, but I was pretty impressed by the outcome of the imagess! What I did like most about the phone are the camera features, so many cool things you can do with it! One feature i was very impressed with was the GIF maker, I've never known a mobile phone to make GIFs straight off the bat!
 I wouldn't be dropping my Canon for a Lumia 1020 so soon, but it could definitely work as a quick go-to camera on the side!

Images shot by Sylvain Deleu

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  1. its really exciting to see you network and do all these great things, very inspiring.


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