How The Internet Has Changed The Way I Shop Online

March 09, 2014

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I've always been a person who loves to go out and shop for my wardrobe, just because I hate returning things, and get to try items on before I buy. Also, I'm able to find a few gems that I wouldn't necessarily find online! However, I now find myself shopping online more than ever - with the help of my trusty Virgin Media Broadband connection haha.
From my point of view, retailers now know what we want, and have used the Internet to really engage with us (as consumers), in a bid to successfully sell their products to us online - taking the online shopping experience to another level.
So, how has the Internet changed the way I shop online? ...

Model and catwalk presentation:
The likes of Topshop, H&M, Asos, and many more retailers, give us the ability to imagine how an item could possibly fit. This feature to me is very important, as I've said, I'm someone who hates returning things, there's no telling how the item you've bought online could fit until you receive it! With the help of items being presented on an actual person (whether it be standing still or walking a catwalk), 9/10 I find myself not having to return what I've purchased, as I've been given a clear idea on how it will fit me! Information about the model's height and clothing size is a bonus too. This is a feature I definitely like to see whilst I'm shopping online.

24/7 access:
As we all know, the Internet is available 24 hours a day, which obviously gives us access to shopping 24/7 (hooray!). I'm the type to be up at 2am looking at things to possibly buy, I surely can't take a stroll to Oxford Street and partake in a shopping spree at that time!
I find that this around the clock access is perfect for any situation. Times like Boxing Day, is when online shopping saves the day. People with busy schedules usually don't have the time to shop in the day time, so online shopping is the only option at times!
Laying in the comfort of your own bed or sofa, eating some snacks, whilst doing no more than flexing your fingers ... perfect.

Wi-fi hotspots:
We now live in a day and age where you could buy the whole of Monki whilst sipping on a hot Caffè Mocha in Starbucks. The Internet basically comes to you, handy ay?!

Saving some money:
Who doesn't like to save some money whilst shopping?!
With the countless offers and discounts one can find on the Internet, I find myself buying a lot online, as I know I will save quite a bit on my purchases. Stay connected with retailers' through their newsletters , as they always have something to offer.

Access to fashion insights from around the world:
Fashion blogs, Polyvore, Tumblr, Fashiolista, just to name a few,  give us access to so much fashion inspiration globally. You can come across the loveliest items from these websites - gaining quick access to where you can purchase them from, or where you can find something similar!

Checking in-store stock online:
Being able to check in-store stock online is so needed. I do wish that more retailers are able to feature this, although I'm sure it requires a lot of effort to make this happen.
There are times where I really want something in my size, and it's not available online, but could possibly be available in a local store. Topshop have done well with this feature, as I do find myself using their stock finder quite often, and it always seems to be accurate!

Do you prefer online shopping over visiting stores? If so, why?

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  1. I love this post. I love online shopping, it's easier to compare and have a good look at everything, discount codes are my saviour! but I also love going out for a day shopping and often getting sales items they might only have instore. I think I just love all types of shopping; it's too hard to choose!

  2. great post,,very relatable because im an avid online shopper myself and I actually prefer in store purchasing just for main clothing items like pants or dresses but for shoes, jewelry and bags online all the way


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  4. Great post. The internet has defo changed the way of shopping, although I still prefer the in-store experience of trying clothes/shoes on right there n then as opposed to ordering online and waiting for the item to arrive (particularly when it's a 3-5 day wait or in some cases more)

    I'm a little bit impatient when it comes to waiting for parcels to arrive. Although some stores do offer a faster delivery period.

    I do reckon more stores should carry the checking in store availability option, that will be very handy especially in this day and age.


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