Wednesday's Wishlist

February 19, 2014

This year, I really want to update my wardrobe with cool statements pieces (not only being accessories, but from a coat down to the shoes) that I can find. I'm currently going through this phase, where I really want to take my style to a different level. Most people would say my style is quite minimalistic and chic, but right now I have the sudden urge to step out of that box and develop my style into something more eclectic! My love for more vibrant pieces (bold prints, cool materials, vibrant colours) is growing and I find myself reaching or wanting to buy the most eye catching items on a rail.

The likes of Jula Sarr-Jamois, Leandra from Man Repeller and Margaret Zhang from Shine By Three have really been inspiring me with their style lately. I feel as though people like them have had an influence on this little phase of mine, and even just general street style here and there!

Don't get me wrong, I've always loved the minimalistic look, but right now I just feel like experimenting with textures, prints, colour, cuts - the whole lot. I feel that I can still play on minimalism/chic/androgyny with a little bit of spice!

Above are  just a few things I'm really digging at the moment!

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  1. Love the different prints and the bold colours x

  2. I wanted that shirt dress so bad but it sold out in a matter of days!!


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