My Top 5 Winter Essentials

February 05, 2014

We all have particular items that we wear to death for each season. Since the cold weather has hit, I find myself already reaching for a few things in my wardrobe most times ...

1| Over sized Coat
I definitely made sure that I invested in a couple of over sized coats this season. I love how I can just hide behind a big coat, not having to worry to much about what I'm wearing underneath it, as most times no one will see! I love wearing this pea green boyfriend coat when I feel like making a statement!

2| Scarfs
During Winter, you can never catch me without a scarf around my neck. I never button/zip up my coats and jackets, even during the worst of weather conditions. I don't know where I picked up this habit (which really annoys my mum), but I feel that as long as I have a big scarf draped around my neck, I should be fine (hopefully). Zara for me have been producing the nicest scarves lately. I wear this tartan beauty all the time without fail. Scarves really do add a little something extra to a causal get up depending on the design.

3| Skinny Jeans 
I literally live in skinny jeans. Perfect for any occasion (but for more dressy occasions I'd obviously go for something different. I do try to wear different types of trousers, but skinny jeans are so much easier to pop on and style for a casual day, especially for uni! Although, finding the perfect pair can be tricky ...

4| Boots
I've made sure that I have a variety of black boots to choose from before I head out and start my day. Chelsea boots, platform boots, buckled boots, heels boots you name it, and I've shamefully got it haha. These buckled beauties are the newest addition to my boots collection. Obviously due to the current low temperatures, these would be best worn with a pair of presentable socks. Although, it is always tempting to risk it all and rock them with bare feet!

5| Wool Jumper
I live for the comforting feel of a warm woolly jumper. Great for layering with t-shirts, shirts, and over sized jackets.

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  1. I'm the same. I don't like wearing scarfs or zipping up. Too much effort. Lovely pics, especially the boots and coat.



  2. love your picks, winter fashion is honestly 100% better than summer. these photos look so fab too!


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