The Kensington - Nixon

January 14, 2014

Despite my love for all things gold, I've picked up a new love for all things silver. Over the past few months I've grown a serious obsession over Nixon's Kensington watch collection, and in particular, the silver/white model. It's the clear white face and simple design that really does it for me. I'm hoping that one day this model becomes available in gold/white!

Once I arrived back from my birthday getaway, it was only right for me to treat myself to this beautiful watch!
Oh and look, matching nails haha! I've been attracting a lot of attention with these stunners that I purchased from Primark, for a mere £1! I wish there were a nail polish that could give this exact finish, now that would be perfect.

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  1. Those nails and that watch! Love a boyfriend / oversized male inspired time piece xx

  2. Love your nails!

  3. Love the nails !
    What Primark did you get it from ?


  4. The watch is hot but your nails are super hot. Only £1?! I need to go and hunt them down! xx

  5. the watch the backdrop the nails <3

  6. Silver is so chic love it x ♡

  7. Oh my - a nail polish in that colour would be perfection!
    Such a nice watch! I want!

  8. love the watch and the nails are gorgeous!

  9. ugh, your nails and watch just give me life!!
    Love a good watch ;)

  10. Beaut combination, looks amazing! That watch is so perfect, exactly what I've been lusting after for ages!

  11. Your nails thouuuuugh! *drools*
    Yeah I love silver nowadays
    This is gonna sound so crazy but when I was younger I used to thing that darker skinned people could only wear Gold jewellery and Caucasian and lighter skinned people Silver. Crazy right?!? Haha


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