Mi Moneda

January 03, 2014

I was recently contacted and introduced to a gorgeous jewellery brand, Mi Moneda.
Mi Moneda stands for 'my coin' in the Spanish language and the brand happen to be the original 'coin' jewellery brand. The found inspiration from Ancient Egypt, where coins were used as amulets and worn close to the heart with special meanings. Mi Moneda have managed to turn a spiritual thought into stylish luxury jewellery!
The handmade, unique interchangeable pendant is designed to change coins and create a truly personal necklace - with so many coin designs and combinations, it’s pretty rare to find any two people with the same look! With the simple swap of a coin, you have instant versatility and jewellery that matches every outfit! An investment statement piece you can wear again and again!

I was lucky enough to get to create my very own Mi Moneda necklace. Choosing was not easy, as there were so many options! I decided to go for something that complements my style right now. Having that all in mind, I went for two solid sterling silver pendants, in sizes large and small to hang on a 925 silver 80cm chain. I also chose two beautiful coins for each pendant size. I was stuck on whether to go for gold, silver or mix the two metals, but I thought that silver really tailors to my current style and colour palette.

Thank again to Mi Moneda for gifting me this beauty, a lovely piece to add to my forever growing jewellery collection!

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  1. This necklace is beautiful!

  2. These necklaces are absolutely stunning, love them!

  3. Oooh those necklaces are beautiful
    Afeeyah xo

    New post ~ http://smilerrr.blogspot.co.uk/2013/12/pastel-love.html

  4. This is so cute! :) xx



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