Gran Canaria | Birthday Getaway

December 26, 2013

If you follow me on Twitter, you may have seen my constant anticipation towards my Winter holiday to Gran Canaria! A few months ago I decided that I just didn't want to spend my 21st birthday away from London. I knew the weather would be cold and most probably wet, so I just wanted a quick getaway! My friend Maybell was 100% up for the trip, so it was all good!

After a lot of research on the Spanish Canary Islands,  we decided to visit Gran Canaria, as it appealed to us the most, and I'm glad that we did! I definitely wanted to spend time in a place that had fabulous weather all year round (still a winter baby at heart though).

For my birthday, we booked time to spend at a local spa, after that,  we went go-karting (for the second time that week, because it was so fun haha), and finished off day with a trip to the North side, Las Palmas - the city of Gran Canaria. Such a beautiful city! We visited the Las Arenas shopping centre which was hugeee. First shop I wanted to enter was Zara of course, so much cheaper there! I left with a new coat and scarf which I will show in a later post. I had to wear them both whilst flying back to London to avoid extra baggage fees haha!

I'm definitely sure I gained a few pounds just in that week away. We ate so much food every morning at the breakfast buffet. We definitely got stares, as our plates were always full  to the brim fatty foods. Most of the other guests stuck to the healthy options like fruit and muesli, like why?!

It's always nice being away on holiday, you don't have any worries but at the back of your mind you still remember all will be back to reality in a few days! I had the most amazing time, the best birthday yet! I think I will take a bit of time and not travel for my next Birthday! Didn't want to make this a photo heavy post, so there is just a select few. Next post will be my birthday OOTD, so look out for that!

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  1. This place looks quite divine. Lucky you !!

  2. that place is so cute, i love palm trees

  3. Beautiful scenery and food! Not THAT is a great Holiday!
    Lucky you while the weather is poor in England ahaha


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