#AccessAllAsos Adventures | Selfie School!

December 04, 2013

If you follow me on twitter or may have noticed on my side bar, I am an official ASOS insider! Quite an exciting thing to be a part of, and I'm grateful for the opportunity!
#AccessAllASOS is an exciting new destination for the most loyal fans of ASOS where you'll get exclusive access to all thins ASOS! What does an ASOS Insider do? Well, as an insider I'll be the first to know about new collections, inspirations and adventures, with the odd freebie or exclusive discount (oh yes) ...

I was invited to the first #ASOSAcademy session which was all about taking Selfies. Have you heard 'selfie' is now classed as an actual word and is in the dictionary?!
I didn't really know what to expect but was very eager to know what we would get up to!

We all had a quick chat in the reception of the HQ, nibbling on the cutest miniature burgers and fish and chips (yum). Then we were whisked off to our selfie lesson, with Hannah talking to us about what we would get up and introducing Olly Lang, a mobile photography expert. Check out his amazing instagram here.
He showed us great apps to use for our photos and then set us a number of 'selfie challenges' to get cracking on with; a moody selfie (low lighting), a combination selfie (a combo of images showcasing your outfit and details), a natural selfie (using natural light and no filters) and my favourite, the mirror selfie!
Hannah then took us on a tour of the ASOS HQ, I definitely made use of the ASOS catwalk as you can see! Overall it was a super fun day. It was nice to meet a few new people also! Thank you to the lovely people at ASOS who organised this.

If you’re passionate about ASOS, and want to become an ASOS Insider, applications are now open for 2014, so you can apply here!

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