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October 17, 2013

I've never really taken an interest into Adidas for years as Nike have been the sports brand that I usually take a liking to! Now Adidas are definitely growing on me, and so I decided to make a purchase from them the other week as I am absolutely loving the new shape to the ZX700 Originals; the ZX750! The colour-ways available right now, are straight up my alley, and I'm trying to move away from the usual black footwear. I think I'm doing well so far!

Having had my eye on this particular colour-way for a while now, I always thought that they were only available in men's sizes, and so I didn't look any further into them. Upon visiting the official Adidas website, I find out that they are sold in smaller sizes (took me a while to actually figure out that they could possibly be sold there rather than random stockists, shame on me)! 
I love the minimal green detail which adds a lot to the trainers. I've been wearing them a lot already and they are sooo comfy!

Another new purchase is this striped oversize baseball top from Ragged Priest. I love this more than the original New York Yankees version, which I've always wanted. I prefer this just because it doesn't have all the symbols, giving it a cleaner look. The oversize fit is absolutely perfect! This top is available here.

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  1. oooo those adidas are pretty cool. Love how you styled them!


  2. wow i love the trainers! so jealous,


  3. Absolutely loving the trainers and the top!

  4. In love with this look!
    That top is gorge
    S xx

  5. LOVE your blog, this post is amazing and you rock the trainers look so well!

    new follower for sure!

  6. love these trainers, really nice shape x

  7. really love the trainers x



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