X By Trollbeads Launch | Copenhagen

September 27, 2013

I was lucky enough to be invited over to Copenhagen, Denmark with a few fab bloggers courtesy of Ogilvy PR, to celebrate Trollbeads' global launch of their new collection, X By Trollbeads!

For someone who is a big lover of jewellery, I was intrigued as to what Trollbeads had in store for us with their new collection. With me not being a big fan of the beads designs (which is the original concept in Trollbeads' jewellery), Trollbeads were about to switch everything up, and impress me with their wicked X by Trollbeads collection ...

About X By Trollbeads collection
Trollbeads started in 1976 and is the original beads-on-a-bracelet brand. Launching X by Trollbeads has allowed the brand to venture off into something new, different and exciting.
X By Trollbeads jewellery range was launched globally in Copenhagen, Denmark September 17th 2013. The collection was designed to allow owners to carry a stamp of unique expression around with them at all times - giving a different take on personalised jewellery. 
The collection's cutting edge designs use the highest quality of gold, sliver, bronze, and black rubber 'X' links that can connect together to create very personal bracelets and necklaces! These materials will be the known as the main elements to a X By Trollbeads piece.
The eclectic range has over seventy themed links including contributions from nine of Trollbeads' freelance artistic designers!

Day 1 
I was super excited about flying out, although it was quite weird travelling by myself on a plane! My flight was in the evening, so I reached the beautiful city Copenhagen quite late at night, and so it was a quick hello to the other girls and straight up to my hotel room to enjoy some much needed sleep!
The hotel, 71 Nyhavn was a delight to stay in, very traditional building with a cosy rooms and very welcoming staff, I was all for it! I was pleased that I had a nice view of the sea front, lovely location. Would love to stay there again! 

Day 2
Snatched from Tilly's post!
Blazer and Trousers - Topshop, Denim Shirt - Monki, jacket - Zara, Boots - Cheap Monday, Bag - H&M

Woke up bright and early in my cosy bed on the day of the X by Trollbeads launch. Met up with the other bloggers (Sheree, Lucy, Louisa, Sarah, Amy, Becca, Tilly and Amy) to enjoy the tasty breakfast buffet! We still had some  time before we had to head to Trollbeads HQ (amazing building), so we took that as an opportunity to explore the beautiful clean streets of Copenhagen! I love how stylish Danish people are there!

When we arrived at Trollbeads HQ, we were greeted by a number of people behind the brand. I got talking to a few of the designers, it interesting gaining insight on their inspirations behind their designs.
We were treated to an endless amount of delicious cocktails! The building itself was sleek and modern with a rooftop giving us great views of Copenhagen.
A talk was given about how X by Trollbeads came about and it's concept. We were then treated to a yummy lunch with all the guests courtesy of Trollbeads, with entertainment by a talented Danish singer, Fallulah.
It was then time to head over to the brand new Trollbeads store for the launch, where cocktails and a DJ awaited us, nice! A cool thing they included in the store, was a archive of their designs from when Trollbeads first started out until now! It was nice to see the development of their pieces.

I thoroughly enjoyed the short but amazing time I had in Copenhagen, all thanks to Ogilvy Pr and Trollbeads. Thank you for letting me tag along and experience an important and exciting occasion for the Trollbeads brand!

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  1. lovely outfit and you are an amazing photographer! you accidentally wrote denim shit instead of shirt!

    check out my blog, if you have the time?

  2. Oh my daaaays! Can't believe you've been in Copenhagen without me meeting you!
    Anyway you look stunning! very classy xo


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