Nike Air Max Thea

September 06, 2013

My love for trainers is definitely coming back and I recently added a new pair to my collection! Say
hello to the Nike Air Max Thea. Pretty shoes, with a pretty name haha.
When these were released, I knew that I just had to have them. I have tons of black shoes, so I've been trying to move away from my comfort zone, and go for something different when it comes to footwear. I love the sleek design as they are supposed to be a mix of the Roshe Runs and the Air Max which is really cool. They are also super comfortable, it's like walking on air with these.
For me, these are not just Spring/Summer shoes, they will carry me through Autumn/Winter too!
The Thea's are available at Nike, Office and Foot Asylum.

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  1. I.Need.Theses.In.My.Life...

    Friggin HOT!

  2. Yes, I want a pair too!

    Alethia X

  3. I LOVE these! Currently saving for a pair :)

  4. I love these!

  5. They look pretty cool and comfy!

  6. Loving these trainers
    S xx

  7. love theseeeee! just wondered if they were tts ? did you get them in your usual size? beautifullll xxx


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