Filofax - 'The Original' A5 Organiser

September 05, 2013

For someone who is obsessed with stationary and loves jotting things down in notebooks and diaries etc, I've always wanted a Filofax, especially an organiser. I try to stay as organised as possible as I always have many things going on at once, and it can be hard keeping track of everything!
The lovely Jess from The Ideas Network asked if I would like to review a Filofax and so I just had to.
As I am starting university again soon, this couldn't have come at a better time.

I went for the patent black leather Original A5 Organiser (classic) as I usually go for bright coloured notebooks, diaries etc. It being patent leather, makes it easier to clean, although it can attract a lot of finger prints!
It is also available in Fluoro Pink, Fluoro Orange, Patent Purple, Patent Fuchsia, Original Yellow, Standard Green and Brown!

This Filofax basically has everything you would need to stay organised, including to do list pages, dividers, a diary, lined, plain and squared paper, a measurements page, plastic wallet, ruler and notepad. It has an elastic band that can actually fit your phone (well if you're an iPhone user or own something smaller) and smaller bands to hold a few pens. It also has a few slots for cards (perfect storage for my business cards).

I can definitely see myself using this organiser for many years to come as the quality is top notch and it is durable. This would act as a great useful gift for anyone really, from a university student to someone who is constantly in a working environment, its ideal!
You can buy this organiser from the patent range here and the rest of the colours here.

*I was not paid to review this product! Thanks again to Jess from The Ideas Network for sending me a sample!

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  1. After only five days back at college and I have realised that I'm going to be an unorganised mess by next month if I don't get an planner of some sort. This seems ideal with the to do list pages though!

  2. Need one of these
    Hopefully it'll let me organise myself
    S xx


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