Evolution of Festival Fashion

July 28, 2013

For a person who has never been to a festival, I've always been interested in the fashion that tags along with them. So many different styles all in one big space! I will definitely be a festival goer next year as its a must on my to do list.

New Look have created an interactive Infographic which basically sees you through the history of festivals and fashion dating from 1969 to today. It's cool to see how different genres of music and styles in fashion have evolved together and worked in sync through the years!
I do think music and fashion are similar, in terms of how they are forever changing as the years pass, which is why they are able to influence each other. there will always be new fashion trends and there will always be new evolving genres of music to listen to! Below is the interactive Infographic, enjoy! For more info, please click here

Festival Fashion Timeline by New Look

It's always interesting learning about how fashion has evolved and changed through the years. I thought that this infographic would be useful and helpful to any of my readers who are regular festival goers, or anyone looking for ideas on how to dress to an upcoming festival!

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  1. I think that this was great post! I had fun seeing the change through time, and it's funny that the genre of music basically had the same name as the style of fashion xx



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