Summer Favourite - Bralets

June 13, 2013

A bralet is a clothing piece worth having in the wardrobe for the Summer season. I've been on the lookout for a nice floral one to wear during my holiday and I happened to stumble across these beauties on Ebay. You can always rely on good old Ebay!
They will look great pair with a nice pair of high waist denim shorts. I can't wait to wear these!
You can purchase this bralet in many other designs and colours here.

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  1. I never even considered buying bralets from ebay I did a post about my obsession with them not that long ago, I've gotta check it out now by the way the 2 you bought are cute!
    The Eye

  2. these bralets are so cute!! even though I'm not a massive floral fan but these are lovely :)

    Belinda | fashioncrossing xo

  3. I know ebay is my secret lover! Those are some lovely prints!

  4. love these, both so gorgeous! x

  5. Very cute x

  6. I am obsessed with crop tops too



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