Number 86

April 23, 2013

Blazer & TShirt - Topshop, Jeans - Monki, Loafers - ASOS, Bag - Zara

I was delighted to see that Topshop now have the oh so famous number 86 over-sized tee in black, so I just had to have it! You may notice the bag that I'm carrying is from the 'Zara lust list' post I did recently. By the time I was ready to buy the bag online, it had sold out, wasn;t too mch of a hassles to find it in store anyway!
The weather is definitely improving, and so after months of constantly wearing socks and boots, I can finally wear my beloved loafers!

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  1. Super cool outfit. I'm in love with the tee!!

  2. DOPE Tee!!
    Photographs look so dope.

  3. love the blazer!!

  4. Cool outfit. The zara bag is purse friendly and love the green colour also!!
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  5. I'm in LOVE with that zara bag

  6. Love, love, love!!!
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