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April 26, 2013

Zara undeniably sell the best bags in my opinion. I think that is why I have purchased three new ones in the past 2 weeks!  
As you guys may have seen already, I've featured my white city bag in an OOTD post, and also featured it with the green messenger bag in my Zara Lust List post. 
I've been trying to build up my own collection of 'statement' bags, as I think they are just the best at adding a bit of spice to an outfit! I ordered the green messenger bag first and have been wearing a lot since I received it, very spacy for a bag of its size as it has lots of compartments.  I stumbled upon the bright yellow messenger bag (exact version of the green one) in a Zara store 2 days, and I knew I just had to have own it there and then. For £25.99, I think its a steal!

Availability wise, all three bags should be available in store. Both the green and yellow bags are still available online here, but the white city bag has sold out! 

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  1. If I was a bag person, the yellow one would definitely be in my possession quick time. I don't know, I just have a block when it comes to buying bags.

  2. I like all of them! Have to go to Zara soon...

  3. i really want the white one! I'm on the hunt! go you for buying all three!

  4. the white ones my fave! x

  5. nice post! I'm planning to buy one, the lime green color... :)
    btw, I'm your new follower. Mind following each other?

    <3 greetings from Belgium

  6. yup i have to buy one ! xo

  7. Hey Im so in love with the white city bag and its sold out in the states !!! i wanted to know if you would be interested in selling it to me would be a pleasure if your interested


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