Beach Ready

April 17, 2013

I can't wait for summer to arrive as I will be going to Ibiza then, not long to go! I wanted to travel out last summer but I didn't make it happen unfortunately, but I'm glad that I'm going away this year!

Asos have definitely been my go to for swimwear right about now as they have everything! I'm a big fan of high-waisted bikini bottoms, so I made sure I searched for them and what do you know, Asos have many! Nice prints, quality and great prices! Not to forget the basic style bikini sets, which they have plenty of. With all that I have accumulated, you'd think that I'm staying there for 2 weeks and not 1!.

Here are my favourites ...

Love the floral design on these high-waisted bottoms, I didn't like the style of the matching tops Asos had to offer so I went for this simple bow tie bandeau bikini top

I purchased the monochrome striped bottoms this time last year from Monki, so these are not available online or in-store anymore! I thought it would go well with plain black, like this triangle cut out bikini top from Asos.

I am loving the vibrant colors and floral pattern of this bikini, also from Asos. It just screams summer! You can find the bikini top here and the bottoms here.

At this time I know people are working hard for their summer bods, I'm still here just chilling really!
I should really hit the gym just to tone up a bit, but I'm so lazy when it comes to exercise! I think I will stick to healthy eating for now ...

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  1. i can't wait for the summer too!

  2. Great pics! You're making me wish i was going on holiday

  3. Great post. You look great!
    personal style and fashion musings of a LA fashion lawyer living life in the fab lane!

  4. I love all of those! I really want a highwaisted bikini x


  5. These are quite pretty! Great choices.

  6. Ahh I'm off to Ibiza this summer too, so excited! I need to get swimwear as well, I'll definitely check out ASOS now!

  7. You have a really cool collection of bikinis <3

  8. Going to San Fran for summer so I was very happy to see this post.. Its brill,, really want a high waisted bikini..

    Alice xx

  9. Looooooooove the monochrome bikini high waisted bottoms! xx

  10. loving all these high waisted bottoms, lovely pair tops too! x

  11. Ahhh high waisted bikinis!!! If I was a beach holiday kinda girl they would be my go to style. I love first set and the last set the most.

  12. i want all of them! and a stomach to go with them lol! enjoy your hols! x

  13. wow!!! i love all of them!!! so chic! I think i also have to get some retro-style bikinies



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