Rihanna for River Island

Wednesday, March 06, 2013

Soooo, what do you guys think of the Rihanna for River Island collection? I was actually looking forward to the release after watching the LFW showcase (even though most of the collection were basics). After seeing the prices, I was not pleased! Fair enough it's Rihanna and River Island isn't exactly the cheapest of highstreet stores, but some of the things were way overpriced! There's me telling my self, "I will not buy anything from the collection", and I do just that. 
Unfortunately my uni is very close to a shopping centre and unfortunately, River Island is there. I arrived at uni a tad too early and was just trying to waste before my next lecture. So, I paid River Island a visit and walked out with a Riri for River Island bag! 
I decided to buy this crop top as the colour caught my eye and the fit is actually perfect , you'd have to try one on yourself to know what I'm talking about! The top cost £20 which is ok, seeing as I haven't seen a crop top in that kind of style before (with the big loose arms).
Have any of you purchased anything from the collection? 

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  1. The colour is gorgeous, crop tops will definitely be a key summer staple. I haven't yet purchased anything from the collection but there's a turtle neck crop top that I really want to purchase! :)


  2. Love that colour, can't believe how crazy people have gone over this collection. Some pieces are lovely, others aren't that special I don't think!!



  3. I just took a look at it for the first time yesterday actually. I adore, adore, adore Rihanna, but not those prices, yeesh. Very much dig the styles with the attached shirt around the waist though. I hope maybe they'll go on sale, AND be available in my size (am I dreaming... probably). That's a great color!

  4. I love this!
    Love the silk beige maxi with a side split from her collection too but it's pretty much sold out online :(

  5. I ended up buying 6 items from the collection! and you're right it's horribly expensive. I hardly ever shop at River Island but hey this is Rihanna and everything is limited when it's gone it's gone lol

  6. thats a really cute top, the colour is so pretty!!


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