Zara Faves

February 22, 2013

At the moment, Zara and Topshop are producing great clothes, shoes and accessories as per usual. I'd like to shine a bit of light on my current Zara favourites if you don't mind! ...

- 1. Great colour for spring/summer!
- 2. I'm still digging the 'sporty' trend.This dress/over sized top has that sporty vibe.
- 3. Great cheaper alternative to Jil Sander's 'paper bag clutch'.
- 4. Loving the woven monochrome detail of these heels.
- 5. Perfect small bag to add a bit of colour to a dark outfit and a great piece for spring/summer too!
- 6. The colour, detail and texture of this boxy jumper is just amazing!

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  1. I love number 3, been eyeing it for a while, the neon bag looks lovely also.

    1. I actually bought the black bag and returned it the same day as it was an impulse buy! :(. I think I will buy it again x

  2. Love the neon bag. I've literally just got a job at Zara so I'm guessing my wardrobe is about to get a lot fuller!


    1. Aww congrats! Your wardrobe is definitely going to get bigger haha! xx

  3. Zara has such a beautiful new collection!

  4. No 2 is my absolute favourite!


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