February 05, 2013

I know a lot of people go on and on about cuamouflage jackets being worn by way too many people and this and that and blah, blah, blah, but to be honest, I don't care. Clothes are made to be worn by masses of people so why should anyone really care?! Nowadays, people can't where anything without being judged and being classed as sheep because they're wearing certain items that a lot of people may have. We can wear what we want, when we want!
*Rant over* :)
I've been wearing my camouflage jacket a lot this season! It's nice to layer under a coat and to also wear as a jacket with the help of thick jumpers and multiple tees to keep me warm!
I love how my Monki jeans are like a modern day 'mommy jean'  with the distressed cuts of a boyfriend jean and the high waist, tapered fit of a mommy jean.

A few minutes after taking these pictures, one of my acrylic nails caught something and tragically, half of my nail bed was ripped off, oh the pain. Say no to acrylics girls. I'll probably get them done again soon, that's the sad thing ...

Another thing to add ... I managed to make a few categories/pages under my page banner which is cool, as I thought I'd need a graphics designer to help me! I will be fixing those pages soon. but for now, they're under construction!

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  1. Oh my I love those jeans! Haha, my acrylic nails have been popping off like crazy but I plan to get them redone soon too, tut tut. X

  2. Love everything about this outfit! Makes me want to whip out my cameo jacket again :) Must say I do agree with you on that clothes are made to be worn, hate it when people say its so 'last year' who really cares? If you feel good in it why stop wearing it?

  3. I really like yours shoes and the way you put your belt!

  4. So happy we found your blog. We love your style, it is really cool :)


    kookyswank fashion

  5. I love this look - amazing! xo

  6. I love this look and no matter what anyone says, I love camo
    Sorry about your nail x

    A Blog by Oroma Roxella Rukevwe

  7. You look great! I like your style so loose ...

  8. You look wicked! Love the faux fur with the camo print, and the jeans are perfect.

  9. OMG,this is so amazing,I love the post and the outfit!
    Your blog is great hun,If you like take a look on my blog,would you like to follow each other?
    Wish you a nice week! <3

    fashion blog

  10. I love your style!!
    Sophie xx

  11. Hi Remi
    So true what you said in your rant. People always have an opinion on what everyone but their mother should wear. I say do yo boo boo lol. Besides you look good doing it.

    mariama aka a fellow Kanye lover.

  12. I loveee this look! I'm loving the fur atm too!
    Tolu from Fashinate Me x

  13. I actually love you jeans it hurts my heart slightly! xx

  14. Those jeans are gorgeous!

  15. I like your outfit! :)


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